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New To Arizona?
The 10 most common "Unwanted" list.
Sonoran Desert Toads: seen mostly at night. Neurological toxins on skin glands can cause seizures. Excessive Salivation occurs. If your dog licks a toad, flush his mouth out with water. Aim the hose sideways, not down the throat. If he is not back to normal, seek veterinarian help immediately. Rattlesnakes: aka Diamond backs, Mojave. 17 natives to Arizona. Seen mostly in summer evenings after sunset or warm spring and fall days. Danger: curious dogs. Ask your Veterinarian about the Rattlesnake Vaccine. Scorpions: Seen mostly outside, at night during warmer months. Painful venom. Supervise nightly walks, do not let your dog run ahead of you. Watch for signs of drooling, swelling at site, tremors and dilated pupils. If pet does not improve, seek help from your Veterinarian.Spiders: Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Tarantula. Seen mostly in dark crevices, holes and wood piles. Black Widow venom can kill a small pet. Seek help from yo…


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