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New To Arizona?
The 10 most common "Unwanted" list.
  1. Sonoran Desert Toads: seen mostly at night. Neurological toxins on skin glands can cause seizures. Excessive Salivation occurs. If your dog licks a toad, flush his mouth out with water. Aim the hose sideways, not down the throat. If he is not back to normal, seek veterinarian help immediately.
  2. Rattlesnakes: aka Diamond backs, Mojave. 17 natives to Arizona. Seen mostly in summer evenings after sunset or warm spring and fall days. Danger: curious dogs. Ask your Veterinarian about the Rattlesnake Vaccine.
  3. Scorpions: Seen mostly outside, at night during warmer months. Painful venom. Supervise nightly walks, do not let your dog run ahead of you. Watch for signs of drooling, swelling at site, tremors and dilated pupils. If pet does not improve, seek help from your Veterinarian.
  4. Spiders: Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Tarantula. Seen mostly in dark crevices, holes and wood piles. Black Widow venom can kill a small pet. Seek help from your veterinarian.
  5. Valley Fever: A fungal spore. Primarily affects the lungs. Can spread to bones, joings and other organs. Can cause fever, listlessness, cough, weight loss, limping. Treatment: Antifungal medications. Diagnosed through a Blood Test.
  6. Heartworm Infection: Spread by mosquitos. Most prevalent near lakes, golf courses, pools and irrigated land. Coughing, listlessness, weightloss. Annual Heartworm tests and Monthly Heartworm preventative can reduce risk.
  7. Canine Tick Fever: Erlichiosis. Caused by the Brown Dog Tick. Found everywhere in the United States. Only takes one tick to cause Tick Fever. Diagnosed through Blood Test. Symptoms: abnormal bleeding, eye/nose discharge, listlessness, swollen lymph nodes, fever, weight loss. Check dogs for ticks. Apply a monthly preventative such as Advantage Plus and/or Frontline Plus.
  8. Heat-Related Issues: Do not leave dogs outside during the Arizona summer! If they have to be, provide shade, and a tip-proof water bowl. Do not hike with pet during the heat of the day. DO NOT leave a pet in a car, even with windows open. Cars can reach 150-200 degrees in minutes. Take extra care with overweight, thick-coated and short muzzled dogs. Pets with pale skin can get sunburned. Be aware that certain sunscreens and zinc are toxic. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations.
  9. Swimming Pool Dangers: Dogs may jump or fall in. Show dogs where steps are. Supervise old, ill or blind dogs around pools.
  10. Cactus: aka jumping chola, fishhook, prickly pear. Seen everywhere! Pain, abcesses, infections can occur. If your pet is limping or crying, cactus may be in paw. If you see cactus on a pet, use a large-tooth comb to quickly remove burrs or stickers. More serious cases may require veterinarian help.

Please keep in mind these 10 most "unwanted" things we see in Arizona. For further information, please contact your veterinarian.

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