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If your pet is Healthy and needs vaccines, whether a new puppy or kitten or an adult in for their annual vaccines, here is a quick check list to remember before arriving:
Bring in a fresh (7-12 hrs. & in the fridge) stool sample so that we can check for Intestinal Parasites. Some of these Intestinal Parasites can be transmitted to people! We do this annually for all pets! Bring in any previous Veterinary Records if you are a new client.Inquire about starting your puppy on Heartworm PreventativeAsk about a Microchip for your petIf you have a new kitten, make sure you test him/her for Feline Leukemia and FIVAsk for a Treatment Plan for your pet's Spay or NeuterIf you have a new Kitten, we will need to De-Worm him/herIf you have a Medical Appointment:Don't let your pet Urinate before the appointment! Occassionally Blood Work and Urinalysis may be needed. This includes while leaving your car and walking to the building. Bring in a fresh Stool sample. (7-12 hrs. fresh)Bring alon…


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