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Update on Janis! (new spelling of Janis's name)
I am pleased to inform you that Janis came into Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic yesterday for an exam and update on her condition. Dr. Marc Schmidt, owner and Veterinarian, examined Janis. Because Janis had so many ticks embedded in her, we drew some blood to send out a panel to check her for Tick Fever. Tick Fever is a disease that is transmitted by ticks through tick bites. Janis is at high risk for contracting this disease due to the number of ticks she had. Other than the ticks and recovering from all of the pulling off of the ticks and sheer exhaustion, she looks great and passed her exam with flying colors! Sheila also chose to have Janis receive her first puppy vaccine! Janis is eating hardily and beginning to act and play like a puppy should! I will continue to update you on her condition. Once our blood test results are in I will let you know. Her treatment and recovery back to health continues! Thank you Dr. Schmidt for caring …


What a difference in Janis! She looks like a new dog! Well, actually, I guess she is a new dog!! It is so great to see her happy and loved! Thanks for sharing the new picture's and slideshow with us!


Our Az Pet Professionals Network Meeting has come and gone. Welcome Shannon Kipp with Kay-9 Companion Pet Care! You are officially a new member and we are so pleased to have you!
We would like to update you on two of our Groomers. We will sadly be missing Theresa Luzzi and Barb Ryansford from Aloha Grooming and Bark Bath and Beyond. They have been so gracious to stay on with us as members but are currently soooo busy with business that they are filled to capacity and unable to accept new clients. We will miss them but they will let us know when they are accepting anyone new again. Thanks Barb and Theresa! Our remaining groomers, Nikki owner of Pampered Paw and Amber and Jasen owner's of Cutie Paw Tootie are extremely busy but please call them as they do have some openings available. If they are full, they will point you to somewhere else. Thanks girls!
We have included Dippity Do Dog on our website as an alternative for those of you who think you may have fun taking your dogs to a g…


I recently received a Newsletter from Dr. Jon in regards to why dogs liked to chew on water bottles. It is a great article for those of you who may have dogs who love this activity. Dr. Jon found out about a product called Bottle Crunchers. If your dog loves plastic bottles, you must follow this link! You can go to: I myself will be running out and purchasing one for my dog Reagan. I think he just may have hours of fun with one! I would love to hear your bottle cruncher story! You can Twitter with me at: Please remember to take a look to the left of the screen at all of the Az Pet Professionals Members. Go to their websites for more information and please, please don't hesitate to call any of us for your pet needs. Thank you! Thanks for the pose puppies! David Cantors babies!

Have a great day, from Kim and all of the Az Pet Professionals Network Members! And remember, to see all of our posts just Subscribe…


Ron Likes the Easy Button so well that we have to lock it up at work. If we don't, we will be seeing clients and all of a sudden the Easy Button will go off about 10 times until someone feeds him Kong!!


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