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Update on Janis!
I am pleased to inform you that Janis, the puppy who was rescued by Sheila Iyengar 2 weeks ago, is in a loving foster home and thriving! Janis was checked for Tick Fever due to the number of ticks embedded on her. Her blood test results revealed that she was indeed positive for tick fever but only slightly. There is one treatment for Tick Fever and unfortunately dogs need to be a little older than Janis before they can take this medication. The Veterinarian's will put her on it when she is a little bit older. A little over a week ago, Janis's Foster mom noticed that she was not eating or playing like a puppy should. She took Janis to her vet where it was revealed she had a foreign body blockage in her intestines. Turned out it was........Pistachios!
Janis was probably eating these nuts when she was still on the Reservation. As for now, she is doing fantastic! She is recovering nicely after surgery and is once again eating and playing. I think Janis is on the rig…


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