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Janis's new home!

Letter from Janis- As you all know my name is Janis.
That's right my new parents kept my name. They found out that JANIS means "The Lord is gracious" and the think that I live my life up to this name. My new parents think that I am the most beautiful, sweet little girl. I do love everybody, human and animals as well. I love life in general. I'm happy every single day! My parents will tell you that I don't chase my brothers cats but to be honest with you when they are not around I love to chase them. Well, nobody is perfect! I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being such wonderful people with such big hearts for us, the animals. If you weren't there when I needed you the most I might be dead by now. Thank you for helping my first mommy, Sheila from Reservation Rewards Rescue to raise money for my surgery and to be able to save me from that miserable life. Thank you Kim, owner of Vetek Chic On Wheels and Phil for taking your time to tak…


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