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Treating Inappropriate Urination with Medication

There are typically 3 categories of medication that can be helpful to treat these problems. Anti-Depressants and/or Anti-Anxiety Medications Tranquilizers Hormones These drugs are not approved for use in cats, they were developed for use in humans. However, most of them have been used for long enough periods of time to give reason that they are relatively safe and successful in cats.Buspar is an anti-anxiety  drug commonly used and prescribed by Veterinarians. It is only available from your Veterinarian.There are also drugs such as Valium and Phenobarbital. You will need to consult with your veterinarian first and foremost. Do NOT give your animal any medication without a written prescription from you Veterinarian. Human medications, when not given appropriately, can harm your pet and are often fatal. Consult with your Veterinarian first! If you have exhausted all Medical and Behavior problems with your regular Veterinarian, he/she may recommend you see a specialist. Animal Behavioris…

Can you Treat Inappropriate Elimination in Cats?

I am not sure if I have shared with you, but I am battling my own problem with this with my own two cats!
Duncan, a stray that stayed, approximately 1.5 years ago and So Low, my Munchkin breed that we adopted from Pets Mart 4 months ago, HATE each other! So Low, my “Ever so Passive Aggressive Angel” and Duncan, the “low down, dirty, swat and beat at you until you move out”, kid.                                                                    
I am working with Dr. Marc Schmidt and Dr. Kelly Bowers on several treatments. I have been using Feliway, a diffuser that is filled with a pheromone. It works well until it runs out, then look out, they are back at it! I am in the process of trying the below treatments. It is Duncan who we believe is urinating on So Low’s belongings as well as his own bed. He is very upset that this cat has the nerve to be in his home! I will keep you updated on my success! Thank goodness there is just one problem area besides Duncan’s bed. For those of you who…


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