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Can you Treat Inappropriate Elimination in Cats?

I am not sure if I have shared with you, but I am battling my own problem with this with my own two cats!
Duncan, a stray that stayed, approximately 1.5 years ago and So Low, my Munchkin breed that we adopted from Pets Mart 4 months ago, HATE each other! So Low, my “Ever so Passive Aggressive Angel” and Duncan, the “low down, dirty, swat and beat at you until you move out”, kid.                                                                      
                 DSCF0183                        DSCF0024
I am working with Dr. Marc Schmidt and Dr. Kelly Bowers on several treatments. I have been using Feliway, a diffuser that is filled with a pheromone. It works well until it runs out, then look out, they are back at it! I am in the process of trying the below treatments. It is Duncan who we believe is urinating on So Low’s belongings as well as his own bed. He is very upset that this cat has the nerve to be in his home! I will keep you updated on my success! Thank goodness there is just one problem area besides Duncan’s bed. For those of you who have not seen my video on the two cats, Duncan swatting at So Low (even on cat nip) it is quite humorous, so I will post it for you. Please know that neither cat has ever truly hurt the other and I am glad to say the swatting has almost completely ceased!

Many people may feel they can no longer tolerate this problem. Don’t worry, you are not alone and it is OKAY to feel this way! People are proud of their homes! But before surrendering your cat, please consult with a Veterinarian first! There may be a simple solution to manage your cats behavior.
Can the problem be treated? The answer is “YES”, in most cases. The treatment may be more likely to be successful if several of the following facts are true:
  • The duration is less than one month
  • There are only 1 or 2 locations that the cat uses inappropriate elimination
  • It is possible to identify the Stress-Related situation
  • It is possible to neutralize the odor
  • You have only one cat
Most successful behavior treatments rely on a combination of Modification & Drug Therapy techniques.
AVERSION THERAPY: Repels the cat. It is to make sure the area of inappropriate urination or defecation is undesirable for the cat. There are many ways to do this but the following steps have proven successful.
    A product to neutralize the odor of urine or stool should be used in areas where the elimination has occurred. If on the carpet, you will need to treat the carpet and pad. Most of the odor is from the pad. This requires the need to soak the carpet with the neutralizing product. You may want to test a small area first to ensure the product will not damage your carpet.
    If the soil of potted plants is being used, you can place a lemon-scented air freshener at the base of the plant. The smell will repel the cat.
ATTRACTION THERAPY: Encourages the cat to choose an appropriate location to eliminate.
The purpose of Attraction Therapy is to make the litter box more desirable than the inappropriate site.
Purchase a new litter box. Even a well cleaned box may have deep odor in the plastic. Some cats find a Hooded litter box, undesirable.
Purchase Unscented Litter. Many cats prefer clumping litter over regular clay litter. You may like it better but your cat wont!
Place the litter box near the area of inappropriate urination for several days. Then move it 2-3 feet per day until it is back in the desired spot. In some cases it may not be possible to relocate to the original spot.
Keep the existing box in the normal location in case the Aversion therapy causes your cat to return to it.
Hopefully these tips will help. If not, there may be a medication that can help your pet. Stay tuned for more information coming your way on Saturday!
Some of the content is courteous of Lifelearn Client Handouts
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