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Arizona's 10 Most "Unwanted" List

Spring is in the air and along with it, some of Arizona's most unwanted critters! Read on and keep yourself and your pet's safe!


1. SONORAN DESERT TOADSAka: Colorado River Toad Last seen: At night, just before or after Monsoon Season
Danger: Neurological toxins on skin glands cause seizure-like symptoms and excessive salivation if a dog licks, bites or plays with the toad or drinks from a water bowl where the toad was sitting.
Treatment: Flush out your dog’s mouth thoroughly with a water hose aiming sideways, not down his throat. If a pet is not back to normal within 30 minutes and continues to salivate, vomit or acts strangely, take to your veterinarian immediately.
2. RATTLESNAKESAka: Diamond back, Mojave or any of the 17 rattlesnake species native to Arizona.  
Last seen: Summer evenings after sunset or warm spring and fall days.

Danger: Curious or aggressive dogs confront snake, get bitten. The venom causes tissue necrosis and so…


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