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Forget everything you know about Ace Ventura!
Being a real pet detective is way more interesting!

Iʼm Deborah Cooke, and my company is Missing Pet Detectives.

For over three years, Iʼve worked with pet owners, utilizing a variety of methods to recover lost pets.
The primarily tool is my search dogs -all of which are rescues- that have been trained to follow the scent of lost pets. Riley and Lucas are German Shorthair Pointers, and Dudley and Higgins are English springers.

The dogs work as a relay team, and in that fashion we are able to cover many miles, if need be, all on foot in pursuit of a lost animal.

While all four dogs are always eager to search, each dog has individual strengths which may need to be utilized on a particular case.

The team has travelled thousands of miles nationwide, (by road only), to search for missing pets. I also do consultations. Sometimes, just giving a pet owner the right kind of advice is enough for them to recover a lost animal.
 I love getting tho…


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