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Pet Insurance

Have you ever wished that you had Pet Insurance?
Many of us don't like to think what would happen if an emergency happened to our pets and there wasn't enough money in our bank account to cover the expenses.
There are so many Pet Insurance Companies that it can easily be confusing on which one to choose. Not only is it time consuming to look through each companies packages and compare them all, it is also mind boggling as to how many each offer!
I've done some research for you and the following are the companies that I came up with that I feel are most beneficial to you.




I am sure you've looked through them all, but these are the companies that you will get the most out of your money and the one's that actually will cover conditions!
With strong Customer Support Centers, they are also reachable by phone, which seems to be a huge problem wi…

Tylenol Toxicity

People should never “self-diagnose” or treat their pets with their own medications. People should never give their pets human medications!

As responsible pet owners, it is up to us to keep these medications out of the reach of our beloved fur friends. Forgetting and leaving them within reach of a curious puppy or adult will probably have a horrific outcome. Your pet could have a serious or even fatal reaction!

Acetaminophen is widely used in the common household. As a pain reliever, we use it for daily aches and pains, toothaches, headaches, arthritis, and more.

You can find a variety of over-the-counter brands. Toxic levels in our pets can be reached when a pet is unintentionally overmedicated or when he has gotten a hold of the medication and ingested it himself.

For some people the thought of their pet breaking into their medicine cabinet or chewing the prescription bottle, simply doesn’t occur.

Oral Masses in the dog and cat

ORAL MASSES What is an oral mass? An Oral Mass is a growth either in the mouth or around the head.
Not all oral masses are cancerous but they can become malignant and fatal if not diagnosed early
and treated aggressively. Oral Masses can be found on the lips, gums, tongue, and lymph regions around the mouth. Oral Masses can affect both cats and dogs. Some common Symptoms are:
Mobile Teeth
Not wanting to eat
Bad breath
Oral sores or mouth bleeding Occassionally an animal will not show any signs. Some Causes are:
Periodontal Disease (tooth and gum disease)
Use of Flea Collars Several Breeds that may be predisposed to Oral Masses are:
German Shorthair Pointer
Golden Retriever
Cocker Spaniel
St. Bernard
Weimaraner Most often in cats the older cats are more affected as well as a higher incidence in male cats. Diagnosing is typically done by performing a Biopsy. This will tell your veterinarian if it is cancerous
or not and to what degree.
Radiographs of the head area are also helpful t…


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