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Our STAR Member of the Month! Lotus Dog Training and Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue!

My name is Sheila K. Iyengar I am the owner and founder of Lotus Dog Training LLC and Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue 501c3.

I have been training dogs for over 16 years. Although I specialize in aggression my experience is wide range. I help families chose the right dog through temperament evaluations and a deep understanding of dog behavior. I also guide people through house breaking and puppy manners all the way through off leash competition and all types of behavioral issues.
 I work with all breeds and temperaments and I have a strong belief that every dog can be trained. My experience of over 16 years of training both dogs and their families I have worked through every behavioral issues imaginable and have always had success. My definition of success is an improved relationship and understanding between the family and their beloved pup.

People often ask me what kind of 'method' I use for training. I think every dog is different and do not have just one method to train all…


Do you know what it really entails to clean your pet’s teeth?
Often, people hold off too long on caring for their pet’s teeth. Some of the most common reasons are:

• Cost of the procedure (anywhere from $300-$,1,000)

• Unable to make time for appointment (simple as adjusting your work or home schedule for just one morning and one afternoon)
• Not educated in serious problems that can occur when you don’t care for your pet’s teeth!
Signs of Dental Disease include:
• Foul breath
• Drooling

• Chewing food on only one side of the mouth

• Pawing at mouth and/or rubbing face on floor or carpet
• Trying to bite when you touch around face (sign of pain)

• Always acting hungry (because they are unable to eat with bad teeth)

• Not wanting to eat (hurts to eat)

There are four stages of gum disease.

1. Stage 1- presents with reddened gingival tissues. This is the initial stage. Bad breath is one of the first signs.
2. Stage II- presents as the early stage of gum disease. Signs include moderate …


Hi! I'm Kim, owner of Vetek Chic on Wheels. I am a Certified Veterinary Technician, aka, the name of my business stands for Vet Tech who is "on the go" coming to you!

Vetek Chic On Wheels is a Service that assists clients at home with their Pet's Medical Needs.
Some Examples are clients who own pets that require subcutaneous fluids at home as part of their Veterinarians prescribed home-care, assistance with insulin injections, assistance with ear cleaning and much more!
I have been a Veterinary Technician for 18 years and have seen firsthand how many animals go untreated once they leave their Veterinary Clinic and head for home. Too often people get frustrated and intimidated with providing that recommended care at home by themselves.
My desire is to come to you in the comfort of your own home, in a relaxed, familiar atmosphere for you and your pet, to assist you with these procedures. I know how scary it can be to try to administer fluids to a cat! My goal is t…


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