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Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

Veterinarian's say a dog reaches the "golden ages" by 7. That can also depend on the size of the dog. The smaller the size, the later in life he becomes a senior.
Dogs in Shelters can have a hard time finding a good home even if they are as young as 5.
Cats also enter their Senior years around 7. These are some of the hardest pets to place in new homes.

I personally know this is true as I've adopted a cat who was  7 yrs old. I was at Pets-mart loading up on Litter when she caught my eye the first time. She was a Munchkin Breed. She is my second Older Cat adoption and I wouldn't trade either for a million dollars!

This breed looks like your normal house cat except their front legs are only about 1" long and their hind legs are about 1.5 inches long.
I went 2 out of the next 4 weekends and every time she was there. We took her out and played with her one time. She pranced around for us and let us see how cute she was.

The fourth week, I told my daughter, "i…


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