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Hi! I’m Angela, owner of Cloud 9 Pet Sitting. Cloud 9 Pet Sitting has been offering exceptional pet care in North Scottsdale for over 10 year's! I am unique in that I offer specialized services for each individual pets' needs and give each client peace of mind every time they leave town!

I offer services in DC Ranch, Troon, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Sweetwater Ranch and Grayhawk.
Services include but are not limited to daily pre scheduled visits, overnights in your home, potty break visits, and plenty of playtime, love and attention they deserve!  I will be hiring an exceptional team that will be different from other pet sitting companies because of the compassionate, detailed care we all will be giving your pets. Your home and pets will be safe and in confident hands!
 Cloud 9 Pet Sitting is also an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau, there has never been a complaint in my 10+ years in business and I am proud of that fact!
There is never a worry when you have Clou…


Hi! I’m Deborah Cooke, owner of the very unique business Missing Pet Detectives.
When a pet goes missing, who do you call?
What should you do first? This can be a scary and devastating predicament for owners!

I assist pet owners in recovering their missing animals in various ways.

For some, pet behavioral profiling and a consultation are sufficient to design a recovery strategy.

Others require more in-depth assistance.

But the search tool that draws the most interest from my clients is the tracking dogs.

While a K-9 search is not always indicated - or sometimes even possible - in every case, many times search dogs can provide information unavailable by any other method.

Me and my team of dogs work all over Arizona, and many places beyond. I have done this work for over four years and it is very rewarding and challenging.

It is a joy to work with my dogs to help reunite lost pets with their people.

I hope you will take a minute to browse my website where you can read more about us. http:…


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