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Why does my cat keep me up at night?

Owning a cat is fun and rewarding! They become just like our children don’t they? So why does my cat wake me up at night??

Enjoy this super funny video compliments of youtube!
Well, just like children, they often act like children too! They, like small children, can keep us awake at night for many reasons. This lack of sleep can be tough on us! Especially if you have to get up early in the morning! So why do they do it? Why do they wake us up at night and what can we do to prevent it? 1.Exercise!!! If you can set aside 20-30 minutes each day to play with your cat he or she will more likely be tired and sleepy at bedtime. How do you exercise a cat? People tend to think cats are cats, they tend to themselves. Well, not really. It’s just important for them to have exercise than it is for dogs. If your cat doesn’t get proper exercise and lays around the house all day (until you try to go to bed of course), you could end up with a cat with health problems!
Here are some fun things you can do to ex…

Poisonous Plants for cats

Cats and kittens love to chew on grass and other plants! Unfortunately some of these are dangerous! Some only cause mild symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, others can cause organ failure and even death.
Pet owners need to be aware and take the steps to protecting their cats from these plants. If you have plants in the house you should know the name of them. Some plants have different common names depending on the area of the country in which you live. Please make sure you know what you have! If you think your pet has chewed or eaten one of these plants, please contact the poison control center for advice. The ASPCA National Animal Control Center hot line number is: 1-888-426-4435
There is a $60 case fee that will be billed to your credit card.
The following are just a few of these poisonous and dangerous plants. ·Aloe Vera ·Amaryllis ·Apple Seeds ·Apricot Pits ·Asparagus Fern (a popular one in many yards!) ·Azalea ·Bird of Paradise ·Begonia ·Black Lotus ·Bleeding Heart ·Boston Ivy ·California Poppy ·Cal…


Just for fun.... As promised! Pet's who love Az Pet Professionals!


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