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Hi pet friends!
My name is Sue Higbee, proud owner of
Sue’s Pet Friends, Professional Pet Sitting! 

Specializing in TLC in the comfort of your home. We take pride in our work caring for your pets as you travel on business or vacation.
I am proud to be a member of Az Pet Professionals where we look out for each other's clients!

A little about me.....after losing a job I loved right after 911 I knew I had to do something else with my life. Something more heartfelt, something that I was passionate about.

I was curled up with my rescue dog Brandy when I decided to look into the animal world. Brandy was my inspiration for allowing myself to do what I love, be involved with animals! Since that revelation I have been in the professional pet business since February 1, 2002 and have grown together with all the people who love their pets!

I now hire women who have lost their jobs as well due to the recession and will continue looking to hire more experienced women to be on the team. I started my business in and around  Tempe and Chandler and now have expanded into Ahwatukee and Gilbert. My Team and I are bonded and insured for everyone’s peace of mind. All of my team goes through a thorough background check.

Delivering Peek-a-Boo beds to Shelters!

Something very special to me.......I take great pride in making much needed "Peek -a- Boo" animal beds and sell them to assist Rescue Groups Valley wide.  Proceeds from the sale of these beds assist Rescue Groups with much needed money for animal care as well as Animal Rescues that are in need of financial help, those with medical needs, or Shelters and Rescues that battle the summer heat and are short on food or supplies.

I collect Linens to make these beds so if you or anyone you know has any they'd like to donate please Email me at: Thank you!

Summer is treacherous for our homeless animals here in the Arizona heat and our cold winter nights can be uncomfortable as well!

I enjoyed being part of Woofstock 2011 just recently where I participated in representing not only myself but Az Pet Professionals as a Network. We made lots of new friends and met some amazing pets!

Sue's Pet Friends participates in several events with PACC911. We also participate Annually in Barktoberfest, Woofstock, Trail Trek, 12K’s of Christmas and Earnhardt Pet Adopt A Thon.

A few weeks ago I participated in Az Pet Professionals first ever "Yappy Hour" which is a fun pet friendly, social hour held at a pet friendly restaraunt. Uncle Bear's in Chandler had never held a Yappy Hour before either so we were a perfect fit! Again, we made so many new pet and owner friends! It was a great time and I look forward to doing it again after the Holidays!

Please feel free to go to my website at for more information on my services. The Holiday’s schedule quickly so please don't wait too long to make arrangements for your pets if you are going to travel over Christmas.
I look forward in meeting many more loving pet families the rest of 2011 and into 2012! Thank you for being part of my business!

Happy Holidays!

Your Professional Pet Sitter and friend, Sue

Thank you for your continued Support of the Az Pet Professionals! Arizona's Preferred Network of Pet Professionals! From all of us! We work for YOU! Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!

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Article written by Kim MacCrone-CVT 

Okay, we all live in Arizona because the weather is almost perfect, the sun is almost always shining, the golf courses are luscious, there are multiple and beautiful wide open spaces and endless hiking trails! 

Surprisingly enough these are also places where some “not so delightful” inhabitants hang out in our state! You've heard the news this past week...... Snakes bites are on the rise!! Again! 
Here are a few simple tips to help keep you safe.

If you hike: 
 • Tap ahead of you with a walking stick before entering an area where you can't see your feet. Snakes will try to avoid you if given enough warning. • When hiking in an area known to have snakes, wear long pants and boots if possible
 • Consider purchasing a snake kit Avoid rock piles or tall green grass/bushes where snakes like to rest. 

About 150 people in Arizona are bitten every year. 
Some of Arizona’s rattlesnakes can also be lethal. 

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With the Monsoon season approaching, doctors say there will likely be increased cases of Valley Fever in people as well as in our pets.
Valley Fever is caused by a fungus that lives in the desert soil. As part of its life cycle the fungus grows in the soil and matures, drying into fragile strands of cells. The strands are very delicate and when the soil is disturbed; by digging, walking, construction, high winds-(Monsoons) the strands break apart in to tiny individual spores called arthroconidia or arthrospores.  We get Valley Fever by inhaling the fungal spores living in the dust when it's blown around by disturbance. The do…


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