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HAPPY 2012 to all of our friends!

Az Pet Professionals want to thank all of you for your continued support in 2011!!

You’ve helped us become the #1 Professional Pet Businesses Network in the VALLEY!
With all the buzz about our members we are excited to inform you that we will now be expanding our Professionals

That means that so many people from all over the valley contacted us in 2011 in regards to receiving a referral for a trusted and personally known pet professional to assist them with their pet needs, not only in the East Valley but the Entire Valley!
We have had people email us from as far away as Glendale, Surprise and Phoenix.

What did we do?
Well, we got busy and started with the few members we already had in surrounding areas and looked to them to refer to us pet professionals in their areas that they personally knew and trusted! We created their own personal website and we are going to begin to hold meetings in their areas as well so we can keep all the members connected!
2012 is going to be a busy year for us!
Expanding can be a slow process….. We won’t add just any business, only those known and trusted personally by us. This can take time to build so please be patient. If you live in Phoenix or any of the surrounding areas and know of a professional pet business that you know, love and trust, and that you’d like us to know about please feel free to email me at and I promise to check them out!
Some Highlights of 2011
Az Pet Professionals has become the place where people who love pets come to find a great professional pet business or service to assist them with their pet needs.

We held our First ever "Yappy Hour" at Uncle Bear's Bar and Grill in Chandler and we have plans to continue as it was such an outstanding and fun event! Look for more Yappy Hours in March!

We also participated in Chandler's annual "WoofStock" and made many new friends! What a great time and as always, one of our favorite events of the year!

We have also added a few new "Tabs" to our "Member’s Directory" over the past year.
We now have a NEWS LETTER tab,  our PHOENIX AND SURROUNDING AREAS chapter of professionals, (when you click this tab you will be brought to their very own website) and have also added an EDUCATION AND RESOURCES tab. In this tab you will find informative videos and articles about dogs and cats. We have video on how to get cats to enjoy their cat carriers to make the trip to the vet a little easier, a very important video about the dangers of Rabies as well as a couple great videos about how to choose a dog when adopting and safety tips for kids around dogs. We hope you take just a minute to go to our main page, and browse through these tabs!

Our New BLOG!
In 2011 we found a great need to develop a BLOG. When choosing our BLOG Tab under the Members Directory you will be brought to our Blog which offers pet products of all kinds. This BLOG is associated with affiliate businesses. We link their products and services and when a person purchases from our BLOG we earn a small commission. All the proceeds that come from the earnings on this BLOG will be used to help animal rescue and shelters in our Valley.
We will donate any and all to the Valleys homeless animals!
One dollar a day can help a homeless animal for several days. Please take a minute to browse this sight. Each link will take you to the affiliates own personal page. Convenient on-line ordering and often free shipping. Let’s help our Arizona homeless pets together!!

Our Supporting Pet Businesses!
Don’t forget to check our our Tab under the Member’s Directory and see all of our Supporting Pet Businesses!

This is a great TAB for you to look through! We have handpicked and invited several outstanding pet business professionals to be part of our network. Most of these businesses are from out of state so we cannot offer them an actual membership to the Az Pet Professionals so we created their own personal supporting page. Their products are MADE IN THE USA!
We love them and know you will too! If you want to support small businesses in the USA then they are the ones to support!
Near the bottom of the page we also have listed some highly referred Valley Veterinarians as well as Emergency Clinic and Emergency Hotline telephone numbers for your convenience. Now you don’t have to search all over the internet. Just take us with you on your phone and have this page handy at all times!
To carry our website on your phone just use your BARCODE READER and scan this image.

Well that about wraps up our 2011. We have been fortunate to add several new businesses to our network and already for 2012 we have two more! You will have to stay tuned to find out who they are!
As always we feature 2-3 members each month. This way you will receive a personal glimpse of who they are and what pet service they offer. I will email you these introductions when they are featured. If you want to follow us by signing up to receive the new posts just go to the left of this page and “Subscribe to our Website” That’s pretty simple, right?
Thank you all once again! We are so excited to start of the New Year with an awesome beginning!!
We’d love to hear some feedback from you. If you have any positive comments or any suggestions on what you’d like to see us do in 2012 please feel free to leave them here!

Thank you for your continued Support of the Az Pet Professionals! Arizona's Preferred Network of Pet Professionals! From all of us! We work for YOU! Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!
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