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Your "In-Home" Pet Nurse and Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor
Humans have In-Home Pet Nurses why not our Pet's?
Do you ever wish you had continued care at home with your pet after his surgery or an unexpected injury? Well now you can! Schedule your helpful Veterinary Technician to assist with all your pet's Nursing needs once back home!
Hello pet friends!

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My name is Kim MacCrone. I am the founder of Az Pet Professionals and the Owner of Vetek Chic On Wheels, an "In-Home" Pet Nursing Service.

I am an Arizona Certified Veterinary Technician. I've been in the Veterinary field for 21 years this year. After countless heartaches witnessed in the veterinary clinic of clients who were unable to provide their pets veterinary prescribed home care, often resulting in the demise of their beloved …

Pet Tips! Part Two in celebrating January as "Train your dog month"

Part Two of Dog Training! Celebrating January as the "Train your Dog Month"
Part Two

Okay, you’ve got the basics down from last week’s Part One of Training Makeovers and you’ve created your “Plan of Action”. Now let’s continue our makeover series Part Two!

Many people who adopt a new puppy are still very busy with work, family and child activities. So what to do with puppy when you are busy? Here’s a good tip…..

Food stuffed toys are great! They help keep puppy occupied when you are busy. You can fill these toys with peanut butter, kibble, or Kong stuffing which is made purposely for filling Kong toys.

Let’s keep Fido OFF!

Okay, it may be cute now, little baby puppy jumping up begging for your attention. But what happens when he is 35-90 pounds? That’s right…. Not too cute any more. Especially for guests or small children. Reinforce the “Four-On-The-Floor” rule. All four feet on the floor at all times!

So how do we teach a puppy his new name? The “name game” of course. Call your…

Pet Professional of the Week!

Dog Training at it's best!!
My name is Sheila K. Iyengar I am the owner and founder of Lotus Dog Training LLC and Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue 501c3.  
 I have been training dogs for over 17 years. Although I specialize in aggression my experience is wide range. I help families chose the right dog through temperament evaluations and a deep understanding of dog behavior. I also guide people through house breaking and puppy manners all the way through off leash competition and all types of behavioral issues.  I work with all breeds and temperaments and I have a strong belief that every dog can be trained. My experience of over 16 years of training both dogs and their families I have worked through every behavioral issue imaginable and have always had success. My definition of success is an improved relationship and understanding between the family and their beloved pup.

 People often ask me what kind of 'method' I use for training. I think every dog is different and do n…

Pet Tips! January is "Train you dog month"

Part One of Three
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has declared January as their National Train your Dog Month. Some of you may have acquired a new pet this holiday from adoption or a shelter. Good for you! Some of you may have just been enlightened during the holidays that Fido might need some fine tuning in the behaviour area! So let's get going..... here are some dog training tips as we recognize the importance of January's "Train your dog month" and owning a well behaved pet.
It’s a time to learn new skills, reinforce old ones and build a stronger bond with your dog.
Often people forget how much work goes into training a new puppy. It’s much like having a new baby! You must watch them closely until they learn what is allowed and what is not.
People sometimes find within a few week after adopting their new puppy that it was not an appropriate match for their lifestyle. Often these puppies end up at the pound.

If you are going to…


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