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Pet Tips! Part Two in celebrating January as "Train your dog month"

Part Two of Dog Training!
Celebrating January as the
"Train your Dog Month"

Part Two

Okay, you’ve got the basics down from last week’s Part One of Training Makeovers and you’ve created your “Plan of Action”. Now let’s continue our makeover series Part Two!

Many people who adopt a new puppy are still very busy with work, family and child activities. So what to do with puppy when you are busy? Here’s a good tip…..

Food stuffed toys are great! They help keep puppy occupied when you are busy. You can fill these toys with peanut butter, kibble, or Kong stuffing which is made purposely for filling Kong toys.

Let’s keep Fido OFF!

Okay, it may be cute now, little baby puppy jumping up begging for your attention. But what happens when he is 35-90 pounds? That’s right…. Not too cute any more. Especially for guests or small children. Reinforce the “Four-On-The-Floor” rule. All four feet on the floor at all times!

So how do we teach a puppy his new name? The “name game” of course. Call your dog or puppy’s name in a happy and excited tone of voice. When he looks at you or comes running over, reward him with a treat. This will help teach your puppy his new name.

Try to mix up the rewards. Every dog is different. You can use a mix of treats for training as well as just good ole fashion praise and hugs. You want your dog to be just as excited for praise and hugs as he would be for treats.
Let’s talk Socialization…..

Here is a tip. Many establishments have gone “dog friendly” on their patios. Coffee shops, some restaurants and even some stores. This is a great way to socialize your pet and boost his confidence with the outdoor noises and stimulations. If a young puppy is not exposed to these elements he may grow up to be fearful of them. Try to expose your puppy to as many things as you can. People wearing hats, people carrying bags, cars honking, buses revving up, etc. We want puppy to be secure with all the surroundings he will be exposed to when he gets older.

Occasionally you will see a puppy who has learned some “attention-seeking” behavior. Be sure you and your family are aware of such behaviors so you can learn to ignore them. They may be cute now, but when older they become an annoyance. Some “attention-seeking” behaviors are, whining, jumping up, pawing at your leg or arm, and pushing against you. Watch for these and if your puppy is displaying, simply get up and ignore the behavior. Do not reward by saying anything to the puppy.

If you have Toddlers in the house it is important to teach your puppy “down-stay” whenever your toddler is in their high-chair eating. We don’t want puppy eating little one’s food! Better yet, you can send puppy to their happy crate or outside at meal times!

If you do have children in the house teach them the appropriate way to play with your new puppy. Use close supervision and don’t allow rough housing as this can increase mouthing and nipping.

Teach your puppy to target your hand and teach this to children as well. This way the dog learns that when he greets people, he is positioning his head near their hands, not their faces.

Encourage puppy to “Settle”. If your children are napping, puppy should be too. Offer the puppy a food-stuffed toy or a chew toy in their crate to encourage and reinforce calm behavior.

You are off to a great start! That’s it for part Two of Training Makeovers for your dog or puppy! See you next week for our Final Third Series!

Thank you for your continued Support of the Az Pet Professionals! Arizona's Preferred Network of Pet Professionals! From all of us! We work for YOU!

Thank you for your continued Support of the Az Pet Professionals! Arizona's Preferred Network of Pet Professionals! From all of us! We work for YOU! Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!
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