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Fourth of July pet safety   

Fourth of July is a fun time! A time for celebration!

For people that is…….   Most pets do not like Fourth of July. Why? 
Loud noises can frighten your pets. 
Fireworks can injure your pets, and both of these can cause your pets to try to escape, making the Fourth of July a huge day that we see many "Lost Dog" or "Lost Cat" signs the following day on July 5th. It is safer and less stressful for your pet if you leave him at home rather than taking him to a Fireworks Display. Below are tips to help you keep your pet safe for your Fourth of July Celebration!

1.Keep your pets away from Sparklers, BBQ’s and Citronella Candles. If you can’t supervise your pet at all times, keep him indoors where he will be safe. Secure him in a quiet, pet proofed room with a TV playing or soft music to alleviate the noises from outside. 

2.Do not apply any sunscreens or sprays to your pet that are not made specifically for him. If your yard has excessive insects …


What these Az Pet Professional photographers need to know to be successful in their field.

It looks easy if you’re simply looking at the beautiful photographs they’ve taken. The subject, the lighting, the background colors and any props they’ve used. But what makes a professional pet photographer stand out?

I believe it’s the essence they are able to capture, the animals soul captured through its eye’s.
 I’ve viewed many pet photographers’ websites and they all appear to have their own “nitch” whether that be in the colors they choose to use, the positioning of the pet, the lighting, the backdrops, etc. It’s remarkable to me how they can create such grandeur with different species.

I don’t believe just anyone can set out to be a professional pet photographer; I think you either have that special ingenuity or you don’t. I know that I could never capture the splendor that they do. I am perpetually grateful to pet photographers who capture our fur family because I am not able to do it mys…


Hi, my name is Kay Richmond, founder and proud owner of Arizona’s Pet Stylist.

I started this company in November 2011 and in the past year we have grown to a company of three pet stylist, myself included, with a combined skill level of 30+ years in the grooming profession.
All that being said we are a team of dog and cat lovers who have dedicated ourselves to keeping your furry family members Stylin’.
Arizona’s Pet Stylist is a mobile pet grooming company that daily delivers spa treatments right outside your front door. No more worrying about how to get your elderly or larger pup or kitty cat to the groomer. We come to you!
We cater to and are experienced in all shapes, sizes, and hairstyles of the canine and feline family. We strive to stay up to date on the latest information involving you pets so you can feel secure, knowing your children (because we all treat them like our kids, me included) are in safe hands.   All units are equipped with air conditioning and heat, water heaters, …


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