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What these Az Pet Professional photographers need to know to be successful in their field.

It looks easy if you’re simply looking at the beautiful photographs they’ve taken. The subject, the lighting, the background colors and any props they’ve used. But what makes a professional pet photographer stand out?

I believe it’s the essence they are able to capture, the animals soul captured through its eye’s.
 I’ve viewed many pet photographers’ websites and they all appear to have their own “nitch” whether that be in the colors they choose to use, the positioning of the pet, the lighting, the backdrops, etc. It’s remarkable to me how they can create such grandeur with different species.

I don’t believe just anyone can set out to be a professional pet photographer; I think you either have that special ingenuity or you don’t. I know that I could never capture the splendor that they do. I am perpetually grateful to pet photographers who capture our fur family because I am not able to do it myself!

I wanted to know a little bit more about what they have to be familiar with to be pet photographers and what type of individual they must be to do this.
I asked myself some questions first. I wanted to know if it’s just the camera equipment, the supplies, the process and all that goes along with photography, which I know nothing about.

I realized as I went down the line with my own questions that these professionals really do need to know much more than just how to take a pretty picture.

Here’s what I found.

• Pet photographer’s digital equipment can be very expensive! If you want professional looking photographs and the ability to make a living you need some of the most expensive equipment on the market!

• Most photographers have volunteered at one time or another for practice whether it was for a school, an organization or family and friends with pets. Its here they learn the essentials of photography as well preparation into the unpredictable and quick action of many pets and animal behavior. Many pet photographers continue to donate a day or several days a month of their services to animal rescues and shelters. Professional photos of the homeless animals have proved to assist in their adoptions by capturing these beautiful animals’ souls and personalities.

• Photographers also go to school! There are different photography schools around the country. Many pet photographers have gone to school for photography or other studies. After all, it’s a business. Photographers have more than just picture taking to know. There is marketing, business 101, Insurance, Taxes, Rule, Regulations, animal behavior, pet first aid and a whole lot more!

• Pet photographers don’t just work with the animals. They work with the pet’s owners! This means they must be good at working with people too!

• If they are working with a pet and the pet becomes sick or injured unexpectedly, the pet photographer who has taken a course in Pet CPR and First Aid should be able to assist your pet in need!  This is a plus in my book!

• Professional photographers have the ability to capture lifelike images of pets in their best light. They should also be skilled enough to do more than just capture the cute little dog or cat picture. They should be able to capture the soul of the much-loved pet so the image will last a life time for the client.

• They should have an affinity for all types of animals. What if an exotic bird lover seeks a session, or a reptile lover? It’s a good idea to love all species when becoming a pet photographer. Pet owners are not just dog and cat owners.

• Patience is a virtue when you are a pet photographer. Pets don’t always cooperate like we’d wish they would. Having treats, squeaky toys, laser lights and feathers might come in handy.

• Last but certainly not least of the on-going list I thought of, a great pet photographer will wear comfy clothes and not mind getting down on the ground in dirt, under ladders, or anywhere else unusual, to capture the special moment. On location or off.

So if your pet photographer comes dressed in 8 inch heels, perfect hair and makeup, maybe you should reschedule or cancel?

These facts certainly brought to light for me what more it entails to be a professional pet photographer. 
It’s much more than just snapping pictures! I will now and forever see them in an entire new “Light”!

If you would like to see the most beautiful of pet photography please see both of our magnificent professional photography businesses.

Jill Flynn, owner of Visual Harmony Pet Photography.

Jim and Laurie, owners of Pawsh Pet Photography.

Thanks Pet Parents!
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