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Lots of pets need homes! We all know that! Please don't shop, ADOPT! 
Adopt a pet this week but please keep in mind a few things first! 
Adding a fur friend to your family is a LIFE LONG commitment!! Not just a few weeks, a few months or years...... A LIFE TIME. Got that? So if you are prepared to own a dog or a cat for a lifetime then please read on.  
If you own a dog you should have most of these:

·Dog dishes (a stainless steel, no- tip water bowl and a stainless steel or heavy plastic food bowl. 
·A place for your dog to sleep. oDog bed oDog crate
·A toenail clipper or Pedi Paws type nail file
·A brush and/or comb. Ask these awesome professional pet groomers, Kay or Diane for information on which type is appropriate for your breed!
·A large and a small shaver if you have a small dog that needs trimming before his grooming appointment.
·A high quality dog or puppy food and treats
·An appropriate collar, leash or harness for walking. Current …


Hi!  Welcome to Cloud 9 Pet Sitting!

I’m Angela, owner of Cloud 9 Pet Sitting.
Cloud 9 Pet Sitting has been offering exceptional pet care in North Scottsdale for over 11 years!

What makes Cloud 9 Unique? Well,I am unique. How?   I offer specialized services for each individual pets' needs and give each client peace of mind every time they leave town! We all know that people have different needs and wants. I conform to your requests!  UPDATE! I recently added several professional and trained staff members to assist my pet sitting services! I know you will love and trust them as much as I do! 
Meet Tori! Just one of my newest Cloud 9 Pet Sitting Professionals! 
Our Highlights: We offer highly personalized services We are available at your convenienceWe continue to educate ourselves in exceeding our clients expectations. We are dedicated to the well being of not only your pets, but to you too!
We offer services in DC Ranch, Troon, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Sweetwater Ran…


Jumping Puppies! Tip of the day
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Unless you’ve said so, a dog should never be allowed to jump on a human! If your dog is jumping on people it is saying “I don’t respect this person”. When a dog jumps on a person it is not greeting it, as we’d like to think… it is displaying dominance. When a young puppy jumps on a person it may be trying to get to the face to lick. Puppies need to learn not to jump because as they grow older, the jumping can lead to the dominance. Not only can this be annoying, it can also be dangerous! Even our toy breeds can catch us off guard!
Jumping dogs can dirty people’s clothes, cause painful scratches and even tear clothing. Have you ever been to a park where a pet owner has a puppy that is jumping up on everyone and the owner is not correcting the behavior? The puppy’s owner thinks that just because it is a puppy that the behavior is cute and okay. Meanwhile the other people are becoming annoyed, dirt…


Hello! I am Deborah Cooke, owner of  Missing Pet Detectives.
For more than five years my dogs and I have worked hard to reunite lost pets with their families.
Forget that silly movie, what we do is nothing like that! 
When a pet goes missing, most people don't know what they should be doing to recover their pet. They can waste valuable time on ineffective things. 

When I am contacted by someone with a lost pet, I take a detailed accounting of the situation to determine the best recover strategy. This strategy can be affected by breed, species, pet personality, weather and time since the escape, among other things. 

Sometimes the pet can be recovered by simply coaching the pet parent on recovery methods.  But other times, my team of search dogs is utilized to follow the trail of the missing animal. 
K-9 searches are not indicated (or even possible), in all cases, but many times the search dogs can uncover vital clues to a missing pet's whereabouts, if not the animal itself. 

Sadly, no…


July is Rabies Awareness Month
What is Rabies?  Rabies is an acute encephalitis (infection of the brain) caused by a virus. Transmission can be by a bite, scratch, open wound or mucous membrane to saliva. The virus attacks the Central Nervous System Tissues and travels along to the nerves of the brain.  Once in the brain, the effects are seldom reversible and usually fatal. Incubation time varies from 20-90 days after exposure. This depends on the severity of the bite, location and age of the victim. Incubation may be shorter to bites above the waist, head, neck, and even fingertips. Typically children have a faster onset of symptoms. 

There are two manifestations of the virus. The “dumb” form and the “furious” form. The “dumb” form refers to a paralytic form (or wild animals behaving friendly) while the “furious” form is when an animal is more likely to act wild and bite. Javelina, Raccoons, Fox, Coyotes, Bats and Skunks can all be hosts for this virus. 

There is also “Urban Rabies”…


National Pet Fire Safety Day is all about making sure your pets don't inadvertently start your home on fire. 

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 1,000 house fires each year are accidentally started by the homeowners' pets.

Such things as loose wires, lit candles, stove top knobs and electrical cords can be hazards if your pet gets to them!  Take a walk through your home and locate all potential fire hazards and then move, fix or store them out of reach! Don't leave pets unattended around open flames. This includes lit candles, fireplaces and bbq's.  Always make sure before you leave your home that these are distinguished completely! 
If you use an Alarm Company make sure your fire detectors are connected to their fire response center. Pet's can't escape if your home is on fire and if you need to rely on a neighbor or a person passing by your home, precious minutes are lost. 
You may want to consider placing a "Fire Safety" "…


Have you ever wondered how to trim your dog's toenails? I found this great video that shows you how to with the use of clippers as well as a dremel. Thanks for letting us share! 

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!

Thank you for your continued Support of the Az Pet Professionals! Arizona's Network of Valley Pet Professionals! We work for YOU!


Summer Heat can be tough on our animals!

It is important to remember a few things when it comes to keeping your pets safe in the summer, especially in your hot climates like Arizona!

First off, dogs do not sweat. Their only means to cooling off is by panting. 

If panting does not reduce the body temperature he will develop Heat Stroke. The longer coat your dog has, the more heat it holds. You can clip your dog's hair coat short, but not too short as they can also get sun burn as well as it acts as an insulator.

The color of your dogs coat also has an impact on his ability to reflect the sun's rays. Black dogs of course, absorb more of the sun's rays than lighter colored coats
What triggers Heat Exhaustion?

·age and condition of pet (overweight, geriatric)


·hair coat
The older dog, the younger dog and the short muzzled (brachycephalic) are among the highest at risk. 

Short muzzled dogs include the Boxer, the Boston Terrier, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Pekingese, Shihtzus,…


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