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Crate training your puppy

Why crate train?

1. To manage a puppy’s well being and safety.

2. Dog’s are “den dwelling descendants” and love a place to call their own!

3. House-training simplified!

4. Prevents unwanted chewing.

5. Separation anxiety.

6. Keeping puppy safe from household poisons and dangers.

Introducing your puppy to the crate.

1. Make the crate inviting to your new puppy. You should include a soft, comfy bed, some toys and some treats.

2. Put a new enticing toy inside the crate while your puppy is outside. He will soon be begging to get in. Once in, give your puppy lots of praise and hugs!

3. Once your puppy goes into the crate, close the door and hand him some tasty treats through the gate.

4. Build up the amount of time your puppy spends in the crate slow. Start off with just a few minutes each day.

5. Place the crate in an area where he can see you and still spend time with you.

6. Start using a cue word such as “Cra…


What to look for when hiring a pet sitter

Word of mouth from someone you know and trust is always the best! Your friend has already worked with her pet sitter and already knows and trusts her. But what if you don’t know anyone who has used a pet sitter? There are thousands of pet sitting companies on line. How do you know which one you can trust?

1. Find an affiliation that provides a network of professional pet sitters in your area. Like Az Pet Professionals! A group that already knows and trusts the pet sitters in their network!

2. Set up a “Meet and Greet”. If your pet sitter arrives late without explanation or doesn’t arrive at all, that’s your first and final red flag! Move on……. (of course things come up. If this happens then your pet sitter should call you in advance to let you know of the change and see if you are able to reschedule).

3. If your dog/s don’t like her/him…… you probably should not either.

4. Review your potential pet sitter’s website before …


Written by Kim MacCrone-CVT
All photos are of my own pets, therefore do not require a license.
PET TRUSTS AND WILLS I’ve been researching an interesting topic for the past couple of days. This concerning issue was brought to my attention by Sue Higbee, owner of Sue’s Pet Friends Pet Sitting, one of our very own Az Pet Professional members. 
Sue was absolutely right! Let's talk about Pet Trusts and Wills for a minute.
Do you know how many people do not have a plan for their animal’s well being in case something happens to them and they are no longer able to care for their pets? Just think about pet owners who own several pets. 
Think what responsibility that puts on friends and family trying to find them all new homes. It’s almost impossible to give away a pet to a trusted friend these days let alone multiple pets! Because of the burden left on family and relatives most of the time the disruption in their lives is so overwhelming that the pet is the LAST thing on their priority list….e…


Our professional pet sitters are lovingly referred to by many clients as “Aunty” (Auntie Jenna, Auntie Melissa, Auntie Starla).  It has been said that we help “make dreams come true”.    

Our team of professional pet sitters are animal lovers at heart and go above and beyond for each and every client to ensure peace of mind while they are away.

Peace of Mind You will have peace of mind knowing your pet(s) are being well taken care of when receiving text or email updates with photos of your pet(s).  You can reach your primary pet sitter at any time with questions or additional instructions while you are away.  We pride ourselves on being highly communicative and reachable to our clients. Sample Pet Parent Update

Custom Services The pet sitting services of Play Time Pet Care are performed in our client’s homes.   
We believe that allowing your pet(s) to stay in their home environment, where the sounds and smells are most fam…


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