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HIRING A PET SITTER - Sole Proprietor or Team of Pet Sitters?

You have many options when hiring a pet sitter to care for your pets while you are away.  Do you hire a sole proprietor or a team of pet sitters?  Let's look at the pros and cons:

Sole Proprietor:
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Sole Proprietor
Pro                                                    Con
May cost less                                     Fewer Services Available - May not be insured or bonded
Same sitter every time                        No back up available - limited availability
                                                          Too busy for quality time with your pets
Team of Pet Sitters:
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Pet Sitting Team

Pro                                                          Con
More services to choose from                  May cost more                                      
Back up sitters available                           
Maximum availability 
Jobs spread evenly offers quality time for your pets                               
Most likely insured & bonded  
It's like having an army of passionate pet lovers on your side
Ultimately, PEACE OF MIND is PRICELESS!                 

Let's talk about why it's important to have a professional pet sitting team on your side:

More services to choose from?  What does that mean?  A team of pet sitters offers a wide variety of services.  Not only will they do dog walking and basic pet sitting, but they may also provide overnight / live in care and a pet taxi service.
A backup plan is essential!  There may be times when the primary pet sitter isn't available (either on vacation, sick or already booked with another client). If you were working with a sole proprietor and something happened to them that inhibited them from visiting your pets, who is there for YOU and YOUR PETS?  Hiring a team of pet sitters eliminates that problem. It's like having an army of passionate pet lovers on your side.

Having a team of pet sitters brings your chances of having someone available to accommodate your needs much higher.  A team of pet sitters offers maximum availability for YOU.

Our pet sitters are never overbooked.  This means they are able to spend QUALITY time with your pets rather than rushing through the visit in order to get to their next client.  A sole proprietor may charge less, but will have to take on more clients in order to make ends meet. This means they are stressed and not able to spend the quality time your pets deserve.

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Is Play Time Pet Care a sole proprietor or a team? 

Play Time Pet Care consists of a TEAM of pet sitters.  All our sitters are insured, bonded and background checked for your peace of mind.  Our TEAM atmosphere assures our clients that someone will be available to take care of their pets whenever they need us...even if it's last minute.

Call us today for your no obligation consultation!  480-292-9735

Thank you pet friends! If you have time, please leave a comment for us so that we can continue to provide you with informative content. Let us know what you think of this post! Thank you!

In no way are we doubting the capability of Sole Proprietor's. Jenna is sharing her opinion on Teams vs Sole. We understand that many Sole Proprietors do have back ups in case of an emergency, but that the majority may not. Something to think about and to definitely ask your Sole Proprietor if you are using one. If your not comfortable with their answer, than a Team Service may fit you better.
Thank you to Jenna for sharing her side of what makes a Team of pet sitters.
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