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October is “National Adopt-A-Shelter dog” month! 

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So…….. let’s get up and get out there folks! If you’ve been thinking about adopting but haven’t officially taken the leap yet there is no better time than right now while America is celebrating our cities shelter dogs!

I know there are plenty of reasons people put this on the back burner. Believe me, I've heard them all! But maybe if I help you clear a few things up you might change your mind?

Common questions of ponder....

What kind of pet do I get, which breed? Will I need to spay or neuter him/her? Do I need a veterinary appointment for vaccines, microchip, heart worm prevention, training, socialization? 
Whew! Yes, that’s a lot of questions and I can see why some of you feel you may be too busy to commit right now but let me clarify a few things for you that may help change your mind.

First, when you adopt a Shelter dog (or cat for that matter) they come fully spayed and/or neutered. It’s the only way they will adopt them out. Zero chance of their puppies ending up back at a shelter! 

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Second, they are vaccinated with rabies and at least one core vaccine. Most shelters do microchip but not all of them can afford it. This seems a mere cost for you if you need to get it done since all the big stuff is already paid for. Microchipping ranges from $45-$65. Not bad, right? 

Third, socialization and training. Okay, well, after what they’ve been through who wouldn’t need a small re-introduction into a normal life? If you take the appropriate steps and do it right the first time you shouldn’t have to worry about it down the line. Hire a good dog trainer! You won’t regret it. They can tell you how to get your new pet introduced properly into your family. If you have other pets they can show you what to do to introduce them to the newbie. That goes for kids too. Dogs at Shelters have already been through socialization tests with staff so the volunteers can also assist you with looking for the perfect one to fit easiest into your family. 

What age dog are you interested in? Puppies will of course need more time and attention their first year. Socialization, training, and veterinary visits if they are not finished with their puppy vaccines. Puppies are vaccinated at 6-8 weeks of age until 16-18 weeks.
Older dogs....hmmmm. Why are they often passed up? To me it's the Perfect Pet! They are most likely already trained and socialized and don't require as much of the training period like a new puppy would. They have more than likely belonged to a loving family at one time. Many older dogs arrive at Shelters after their beloved person has passed away and no one knows what else to do with them. Sad but very true. How'd you like to live your life a happy, loved pet then just be dumped off when it's no longer convenient to people? It's terrible. These poor babies. The very old dogs are perfect for a lonely or an elderly person. They need a home to live the rest of their lives, which is not much longer for some of these older babies. Think of how good you will feel knowing that you are letting an elderly dog live out the rest of it's golden years in your happy, loving family! It's like no other feeling! So don't rule out these Golden pups. They are gems......

What about breed? What’s good for you? Shelters often have a “matching system” they use. You tell them about yourself, your lifestyle, your family, your current pets, what you can and cannot give and they match you with the right dog.

You can also use the Internet to research pet friendly facilities in your area, dog parks nearby, a recommended veterinarian, a groomer, dog trainers in your area, costs and details for each before committing to a new pet. Once you feel you’ve done your research head on down to the shelters and start looking. It may not happen in one day! Two or more dogs may have captured your attention. That’s good! Go back and see them a couple of times! You will eventually know which one is calling your name. For others…. They meet that perfect dog immediately! Some people just have a “feeling” and know immediately that it’s the dog for them. At Az Pet Professionals we have all the pet professionals you need right on the same website  Our professional dog trainers, mobile and salon dog groomers, bakery, photographers, artists, pet waste management, CPR and first aid training…. They’re all there just for you! Az Pet Professionals is a network group consisting of personally known valley pet experts.
Okay pet friends! I am so excited to hear your stories this month! If you adopt a shelter dog I want to hear your story!  Please submit your short story and a picture to me at I will let you know if your story gets published on our front page!

Shelters waiting for you.

· Friends for life animal sanctuary

· Humane Society

· R.E.S.C.U.E or

·Chihuahua Rescue:

Thank you pet friends! If you have time, please leave a comment for us so that we can continue to provide you with informative content. Let us know what you think of this post! Thank you!

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