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Yappy Holiday's pet friends!

Photo: purchased for use from "Life on White: Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone but Christmas is just around the corner and many of us have deadlines for shopping, decorating and visiting friends, right? Let's keep in mind that the holiday’s can be stressful for our pet’s as well. New faces and guests can add to that stress. Each time a guest enters your home pets can be exposed to a new level of stress. Some positive, some negative. Some pets are locked away while guests are in their home while others are allowed to roam free. Doors, gates and garages are opened and closed frequently. The opportunity for escape is there! Winter holidays is one of the top seasons of the year that pets are lost. Microchipping your pet can aid in recovery if your pet should escape by accident. Call your Veterinarian today if your pet is not already chipped! Take a peak at some of our recommended East Valley Veterinarians to the right of this page.

Just a couple quick pet …

Pet friends.......

We hope all of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The Az Pet Professionals are so appreciative and thankful to our pet parents! Thank you for supporting us and for allowing us to care for your beloved Fur-Family!
We want to thank each and every one of you who've used our pet experts, trusted us with your pets and continue to support us!

We are grateful to all of you and thankful our paths have crossed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Royalty Free Photograph purchased for use from Life on White

Happy Thanksgiving pet friends!

It’s Fall! What a great time of the year! With it should bring special considerations for your pets. Holiday Treats, alcoholic beverages, rich, fatty foods and bones can be harmful or toxic to your pets. Keep your pet on their regular diet and caution guests against giving your pet any “special treats”. Watch the hot containers and pots from the stove. Hot Turkey and ham drippings can cause severe scalding and burns. Withhold from feeding those same, cooled drippings. They can easily cause upset to your pet’s digestive system. Preventative safety measures are the best strategies so store leftovers out of the reach and in tightly closed containers. Keep your pet safe from E-Coli. Make sure garbage cans are closed and secured. Turkey which has been out too long can cause Salmonella so be careful that your pet is not in the kitchen eating off the turkey plate while you are entertaining! This goes for cats too as it is very easy for them to jump up on our counters!
Bones are dangerous and I…

Woofstock Rocked!


We had so much fun at Saturday's 2012 Woofstock in Chandler! We met the most amazing pets, their pet parents and awesome pet Vendors! It's always great meeting new people in the pet world!
This is our favorite event of the year and you can bet we'll be there next year too! Thanks Woofstock!

This year we held a small raffle. The winner won a basket full of pet goodies and a two month complimentary membership to our Platinum Pet's Club where they will be able to use the monthly coupons with participating members offering Client Appreciation Savings!

Thank you to all who bought a raffle ticket! You are all winners to us!

Congratulations to the winner of our Raffle Gift!

This beautiful little girl and her Autism Therapy Dog just made our day! We couldn't have been happier that she won! Her mom told me that they've never won anything and often her daughter would feel so sad about it that she'd go home and cry. This makes her winning the raf…

November is National Adopt a senior pet month!

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month!
Photo is authorized for use by
Prospective families looking to adopt a new dog or puppy typically focus on one thing and that one thing is usually about adopting puppies! They want one that “can grow with the family” or “is cute and cuddly”. Understandable in some situations, but what about the older generation, or the young couple looking to add to their young family? Is it really a good idea for an elderly person to adopt a young puppy that may live for 17 years? What happens if they pass away and the pet is only 6 or 7 years old? I know what happens; often that pet ends up at the pound. It’s an awful lot of work raising a new puppy. If you’re retired and set on adopting a new puppy rather than an older dog, make sure your retirement is not going to get in the way of providing all the needs a new puppy comes along with. As for a young family. If you do not have kids yet what happens when yo…

WOOF STOCK at Tumbleweed Park!

Schedule of Activities

9:00 am         Event Begins
                     Good Dog Agility Demonstration
9:15 am         Come Back Buddy performs
10:00 am       Good Dog Agility Demonstration
10:45 am       Exit 40 performs
11:15 am       Good Dog Agility Demonstration
12:00 pm       Pets on Parade
12:30 pm       The Villains performs

Saturday, November 17, 2012
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tumbleweed Park
Free Admission; Fee to Participate in Walk

Don't forget your FrontLine Plus, flea and tick preventive first! 
You will be walking in grassy areas with lots of dogs around. Make sure your pet does not go home with unwanted "passengers"!

One of our spectacular Az Pet Pro Member's has been premiered! 

Pet Butler is the premiere Pet Waste Cleanup and Removal company in metropolitan Phoenix. …

Pet Expert Tip of the Day!


Sue's Pet Friends- Professional Pet Sitting

Thanks Sue! We are so proud that you are an Az Pet Professional!


Pet tip of the day was given to us by Pet Detective, Deborah Cooke! Thank you Deborah!

"When traveling with your pet, in addition to a tag with a current phone number on it, be sure to have photos of your pet.  

If the unthinkable happens and they bolt from the car somewhere en route, you will have the photo you need to start circulating flyers and putting up lost pet posters.  

For best results, a full body shot, showing your pet's markings is best."

Thank you pet friends! If you have time, please leave a comment for us so that we can continue to provide you with informative content. Let us know what you think of this post! Thank you!


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