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Happy Thanksgiving pet friends!

It’s Fall! What a great time of the year! With it should bring special considerations for your pets.

Holiday Treats, alcoholic beverages, rich, fatty foods and bones can be harmful or toxic to your pets. Keep your pet on their regular diet and caution guests against giving your pet any “special treats”. Watch the hot containers and pots from the stove. Hot Turkey and ham drippings can cause severe scalding and burns. Withhold from feeding those same, cooled drippings. They can easily cause upset to your pet’s digestive system.

Preventative safety measures are the best strategies so store leftovers out of the reach and in tightly closed containers.
Keep your pet safe from E-Coli. Make sure garbage cans are closed and secured. Turkey which has been out too long can cause Salmonella so be careful that your pet is not in the kitchen eating off the turkey plate while you are entertaining! This goes for cats too as it is very easy for them to jump up on our counters!

Bones are dangerous and I think we all understand that. Please do not feed your pets bones, especially Poultry bones. These bones splinter easily and can cause tearing in the intestines and get caught in the esophagus. Thousands of pets are treated for consumption of splintered bones, causing pain and sometimes even death. Emergency Exploratory surgery is costly, ranging from $2,000-$5,000!
What can you do to include your pet this holiday?

First, consider providing appropriate chew toys or food occupation devices such as “Kong Stuffing”, to keep your pet occupied.
Look for fun bird and cat toys that provide similar activity. Most Pet Stores carry such items.
The investment and preparation can insure that your pet will have a happy, healthy and safe Holiday!

Finally, just in case you have a problem, make sure you have the nearest Emergency Clinic telephone number close by.
You never know when you may encounter a disaster during the Holiday Season. Time is of essence in an emergency and you don’t want to waste precious minutes trying to figure out where you’re going and looking for the telephone number. MapQuest the shortest route to the nearest emergency clinic and have their telephone number handy. If you do need an emergency clinic, call them when you are in the car and on your way. Give them an estimated time of arrival so they can prepare and be ready. 

Click here if you live in Arizona and would like to better prepare by participating in a pet CPR and First Aid Class.

Yes, the holidays are a busy time! They can create preventable dangers for your pets. Each year thousands of pets are seriously injured or become deathly ill. It’s a busy time for all. People are planning trips, shopping, rushing to and from holiday parties, cooking and baking. It can be easy to lose track of what your pet is doing! They are as curious and anxious as we are. There are many hazards waiting for their curiosity. Please, remember to be alert as to what they are doing. Although it is a busy time for you, please do not forgo your pet’s care. Vaccines prevent transmissible disease. Microchips can recover a lost pet, and spaying and neutering can save countless, unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.
Thanks pet friends and be safe all throughout the Holiday Season! 

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!

Thank you pet friends! If you have time, please leave a comment for us so that we can continue to provide you with informative content. Let us know what you think of this post! Thank you!
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