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The wait is finally over!

Please allow me to introduce our newest Az Pet Professional Members! 
We are so excited that they've become part of our unique and popular pet network! Please leave them a welcome comment! They deserve it!

Professional Pet Photographer: 


Michelle Pelberg:  
Owner of Cow Dreamz Photography. 

"Capturing your pet's spontaneity, humor, and whimsy"

She is the official photographer for Arizona Animal Welfare League. She has also done work for Healing Hearts, Lost our pet foundation, and many more. She belongs to Local Business website:
Facebook page:

Professional Pet Care:


Teri Ann Tate: owner of Comfy Pets of Az. 

Serving: Laveen, South Mtn. Corridor, South Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Fountain Hills, East Scottsdale and Flagstaff Arizona.

Teri is a professional pet sitter as well as a Certified Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor, EAMT (Emergency Animal Medical Technician), h…

Pet Dental Health

In recognition of National Pet Awareness Months January and February, please take a look at AVMA's video and click on their link for even more information on pet dental health.

Meet our newest pet expert!

Please help me welcome Teri Ann Tate! 

This is an incredibly lucky break for Az Pet Professionals to have such an outstanding pet expert in our network group! 
She has accomplished so much and is a professional through and through. Take a look at what Teri offers! Her featured month will be in May so look forward to her full length article then! 
Welcome Teri!

Teri Ann is also a Certified Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor,
certified Emergency Animal Medical Tech I (EAMT I)and teaches AZ Wildlife & Your K9, which no one else does in the state.  

In 2011, Comfy Pets of AZ offered a new program, Doggie Doo Adventures, where a dog gets out of the house and into nature.  She offers dog hikes, lake and park excursions, as well as all-day field trips. 

"Don't stress when leaving your pets behind, de-stress with our exceptional pet care services to ease your mind." Teri

Owner: Teri Ann Tate Business Cell #: 602-579-1437  Facebook Business Pa…

Featured Pet Expert Sheila Iyengar!

Paramedic revives, saves cat with smoke inhalation

Paramedic revives, saves cat with smoke inhalation! This is the clinic Az Pet Professional founder, Kim MacCrone works at, Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic. Kim's clinic donated pet oxygen masks to 2 trucks at Rural Metro Fire Dpt. and the paramedic on one of the fire trucks saved the family cat with one! It is actually the second animal he's saved with the masks! Go Shane! Top Paramedic! Please watch all the way through, you will see Dr. Schmidt being interviewed.


Do you know what it really entails to clean your pet’s teeth? Many people have asked me, why is it so expensive?? Why can't you just "pull the tooth out"? Please allow me to share with you what it entails to have your pet's teeth cleaned so that you can be better educated about pet oral health.

Often people hold off too long on caring for their pet’s teeth. Some of the most common reasons are:

· Cost of the procedure (anywhere from $300-$,1,000)and even more sometimes!

· Unable to make time for appointment (simple as adjusting your work or home schedule for just one morning and one afternoon)

· Not educated in serious problems that can occur when you don’t care for your pet’s teeth!

Signs of Dental Disease include:

· Foul breath

· Drooling, sometimes with a blood tinge to the saliva

· Chewing food on only one side of the mouth

· Pawing at mouth and/or …


Vetek Chic On Wheels

Hi pet friends! I'm Kim, and I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and have been in the Veterinary industry for almost 24 years. I am the founder of Az Pet Professionals and am so proud of all the pet experts in this network group!
I founded Az Pet Professionals because with my own business, I wanted to be able to refer my clients to other pet services they may need but am not comfortable referring them to people I don't know. I wanted only personally known and trusted for my clients! So the few people I did already know and trust founded our network.

The rest is history! You can read more about us at the "About us" Page to the right!

Yes it's cliche' but truly I've always known that this exactly my place in the world. Working with pets and their owners.  My pets tell me I made the right decision as the trail of them follow me through the house everywhere I go. I guess they know too!
I feel blessed to work with these special souls and…


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