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Most of us live in Arizona because the weather is almost perfect, the sun is almost always shining, the golf courses are luscious, there are multiple and beautiful wide open spaces and endless hiking trails!

Surprisingly enough these are also places where some “not so delightful” inhabitants hang out in our state! We offer desirable landscaping to some of the most dangerous desert critters. The rattlesnake is amongst those critters. Below are some tips on how to keep yourself safe while out in our wildly beautiful, but sometimes dangerous, desert.

First of all, If you hike:

· Tap ahead of you with a walking stick before entering an area where you can't see your feet. Snakes will try to avoid you if given enough warning.

· When hiking in an area known to have snakes, wear long pants and boots if possible

· Consider purchasing a snake kit

Avoid rock piles or tall green grass/bushes where snakes like to rest.

You are most likely to meet up with a rattlesnake on a summer eveni…

National Hairball Day!

Who would've thought there would be a day dedicated to HAIRBALLS?

The Catalyst Council has shared some insightful information with us about how more than one or two hairballs is NOT normal in any cat! Please take a look by clicking the link to their website. Thanks pet friends! more information on hairballs, listen to Dr. Brunt’s AVMA Animal Tracks podcast on the subject here(

Watch this AVMA kids video on hairballs!

National Kids and Pets Day

This is such an important topic! How many of you have heard of tragic accidents involving kids getting bit by a dog? Be it a beloved family dog or an unknown dog it's a tragedy either way. So how do we keep our kids and dogs safe and living in harmony?

There are so many things we can teach our kids that will keep them safe from a dog bite. But they're kids, right? Will they remember these instructions when they are in the presence of the dog? Probably not. This is why it is imperative for adults to NEVER leave a small child alone in the presence of a dog.

We found this great website for National Kids Day. We are happy to share it with you. If you have a dog, or dogs, and children, please take a minute to read this blog. It really is wonderful.

Read more here on how to teach your kids to approach unfamiliar dogs and also a few tidbits I wanted to share about CATS!

Pet Insect Bites and Stings

It's still Pet First Aid Awareness Month~ and I plan on promoting it to you all I can!

Pets can be bitten by ants, bees, wasps, spiders, and any other insect that stings or bites!

How many of you have had a situation where your dog has gone outside and come back in with a swollen muzzle? Sort of a platypus face, right? 

Why do so many dogs come to the veterinarian with a swollen face and muzzle?

Well, first off.........Where do dogs like to put their faces most of the time?

That’s right, in the dirt, sniffing around. They tend to have their muzzle into everything!

Sometimes we don’t even realize our pet has been stung or bitten. If you don’t see it happen you may not even know until your pets face begins to swell. Dogs with furry faces are even harder to detect!

Some of the signs of a sting or bite may include:

· Pain at the site. Your pet may be crying out and you may not immediately know why.
· Redness and swelling at the site. Easier to see if it is on the paw or belly or …

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month!!

Wow We sure have had a lot to celebrate about this month, right?

How many of you have your dogs tested for heartworm disease annually and give them preventative each month? Now come on, let's be honest. It's easy to forget, I know. But let's make it a point this month to really try to stay on track with our pet's preventative and to make an appointment if we need to update our pet's heartworm test. It only takes a quick call to your family veterinarian where they can perform the simple blood test right there at the clinic! 

Click here to read some really informative information about heartworm disease, how it's spread, the life cycle, and how it's treated.  There are some pretty amazing pictures of actual heartworm infestation as well. If your squeamish at stuff like that you may not want to go to the pictures page! 

Here is the American Heartworm Society's website. Good stuff pet parents! 

This page will take you directly to Canine Heartworm Information. V…

Comfy Pet's of AZ! Featured Pet Expert!

Please help introduce one of our newest pet experts! Teri Ann is a true pet expert, lover and advocate in all aspects! Just take a look at her website and see her long resume! We are so excited she is part of Az Pet Professionals, offering her services to the Valley's pet owners!
Thank you Teri Ann for being so Paw-some!   Kim

A little about Teri Ann: Teri Ann has grown up with animals since she was little. She had big dreams on becoming a veterinarian, but decided against it when she saw her vet perform surgery on her horse's knee, but that never stopped her from dreaming of working with animals one day. 

In 1999, she decided to begin her pet sitting business in Houston, TX and became successful at it. In 2001, she moved her business to CA, so she could be closer to her family. Even though Teri Ann is a Cali girl, where she was raised, she continued moving along with her family and ended up back in AZ in 2006, where she was born and has been running Comfy Pets of AZ here ever s…



Join us this month in celebrating "National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

Have you ever been in a situation where one of your pet's has been injured at home? Scary, isn't it?  It's not easy to stay cool, calm and collected when one of your fur kids is injured.

What if you could take a class that would help you maintain composure and think more clearly so you could stabilize your pet and calmly, proficiently transport to the veterinarian?
Think of the empowerment you'd feel. Being able to do something, rather than nothing. Sounds good doesn't it?
Pet CPR and First Aid has become World wide recognized as a necessity for pet owners and pet services or businesses that work with other peoples animals.  Our pet's are much more than just animals in our homes, they are FAMILY.

If you are interested in joining me,Vetek Chic On Wheels, for my next Pet CPR and First Aid Class on April 24th at 9 am, please feel free to use the Pay Pal Button bel…

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month


Let's help spread the word about what WE can do to help in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month! 

Read this Blog by "Vampire Diaries, Damian, better known as the well known actor, Ian Somerhalder"
Ian runs the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for Environment concerns as well as pets.


If you suspect animal cruelty or have been witness to it, please do something about it!! 

There are many ways you can do this.
The best way for Arizona people is to contact the Animal Cruelty Investigative Unit:

MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE OF ANIMAL CRUELTY INVESTIGATIVE UNITTelephone: 1-602-876-1681. You can remain anonymous. Please understand that there is no room for animal cruelty and that if you witness it and do nothing, than you are part of the problem. We are the animal's voices! Please speak up! 

Thank you pet friends!


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