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Comfy Pet's of AZ! Featured Pet Expert!

Please help introduce one of our newest pet experts! Teri Ann is a true pet expert, lover and advocate in all aspects! Just take a look at her website and see her long resume! We are so excited she is part of Az Pet Professionals, offering her services to the Valley's pet owners!
Thank you Teri Ann for being so Paw-some!   Kim

A little about Teri Ann:
Teri Ann has grown up with animals since she was little. She had big dreams on becoming a veterinarian, but decided against it when she saw her vet perform surgery on her horse's knee, but that never stopped her from dreaming of working with animals one day. 

In 1999, she decided to begin her pet sitting business in Houston, TX and became successful at it. In 2001, she moved her business to CA, so she could be closer to her family. Even though Teri Ann is a Cali girl, where she was raised, she continued moving along with her family and ended up back in AZ in 2006, where she was born and has been running Comfy Pets of AZ here ever since. 

She gives one-on-one attention to all her animals and even became a certified Emergency Animal Medical Tech I (EAMT I) and a Pet Tech Instructor, so she can continue helping animals medically, as well as training pet owners. She offers Pet CPR, First Aid, and Pet Care Classes, and teaches AZ Wildlife & Your K9, which no one else does in the state.

In 2011, Comfy Pets of AZ offered a new program, Doggie Doo Adventures, where a dog gets out of the house and into nature. She offers dog hikes, lake and park excursions, as well as all-day field trips. It's amazing to her when a dog steps out of her doggie mobile and onto snow for the first time. She looks forward to an awesome 2013 with teaching, pet care and wilderness classes.



Company: Comfy Pets of AZ 

Owner: Teri Ann Tate 

Business Cell #: 602-579-1437


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