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 Sandy has been a trusted member and business of Az Pet Professionals for several years and is an outstanding, compassionate, person and friend! 

This year Sandy asked if she could share a personal story with our readers instead of only talking about her business. Once I read her story I was thrilled that she choose to do this! It shows not only what a wonderful pet service Pet Butler is but it also shows you who Sandy is. An incredibly hard working, responsible pet business and pet mom that loves what she does, cares for her clients and their pet's and has a compassion that is hard to beat! We love you Sandy! 

             An Unforgettable Day in the Life of a Pet Butler

My day started very early at 5:30 a.m. It was a warm and bright day. By 2:00, I was exhausted and luckily a staff member was going to relieve me and complete the route I was servicing. As I finished up at the last customer I was going to service that day, I saw that the next customer on the route list was one I hadn’t personally been to in about a year. This customer had 2 of the sweetest Weimaraners. One of them passed away late last year.

I decided I would like to visit with their remaining kid, Rudy, and could muster up the energy to service one more customer. As I pulled up to their home, I filled my pocket with treats so Rudy and I could have a nice visit.

I began scooping the side yard, turned the corner and scooped the back yard, and then turned the corner to scoop the second side yard. I saw Rudy lying on the ground and called out “Rudy I have treats!” Rudy didn’t respond. I knew Rudy was older and assumed his hearing was not great. I didn’t want to scare him so I slowly went closer and held out the treats and again called his name. No response. So I went up to him, bent down and saw no signs of life. No movement, no breathing. I dropped my tools in shock and was in disbelief.

I was sure I was wrong, so I stood up and scooped another pile. Then in horror I realized he was gone. I ran out of the yard, caught my breath, and rang the doorbell. Rudy’s dad answered. I asked with horror in my voice whether Rudy could be sleeping but that I could not wake him. He ran into the backyard while I waited at the front door. He came back to the front door and said with a shaking voice that he was gone. I fell back on the wall and started to shake. He asked for my help in getting Rudy lifted and moved. His wife would be home any moment and he didn’t want her to see Rudy like that. I offered use of the back of my truck. We lifted Rudy into a sheet and carried him out of the yard. As we lifted him into the truck, his wife came home and saw what was happening. She screamed and began to sob while dropping to her knees in horror.

It was the most heart-breaking scene I have witnessed in my 9 years in this business. I wholeheartedly believe I went to their home as an instrument to help this family. As they mourn and heal from their loss, we here at Pet Butler extend our sympathies to all the families that have lost a furry kid this year. For each one, Pet Butler makes a donation in their name to our favorite charity. This is the least that we can do to honor our furry customers.

I arrived back at my office and re-played the scene over and over in my head. I cried for the loss of Rudy and the others that we lost this year. I gave my own furry kids a big hug and some extra treats that night and thanked them for enhancing my life.

Pet Butler is a 25 year old pet waste cleanup and removal company that helps support the pet rescue community in Phoenix. 

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