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Az Pet Professionals Donate Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to Gilbert Fire Station 255

Guest Blogger, Jenna Trethewey, owner of Play Time Pet Care and member of Az Pet Professionals wrote this fun article of our morning! Thanks Jenna! 

"On Saturday, June 29th at 9:00 pm AZ Pet Professionals presented 2 Pet Oxygen Masks to Gilbert Fire Station #255. These pet masks have helped fire fighters save the lives of pets affected by smoke inhalation.

All of the members of AZ Pet Professionals raise enough funds for 2 Pet Oxygen Masks. It was such a pleasure to meet the Ladder 255 crew and donate these much needed tools to the fire fighters.

While we were with them, we were able to get some answers to our burning questions:

Q: What is the best thing pet parents can do to alert the first responders that they have animals in the house?

A: Captain Robert Foster – “First, I’d like to say that we totally understand the theory behind the window stickers that say how many pets are in the household. However, we don’t pay close attention to those. It could be a sticker…

Meet Kathrine! Our newest Pet Expert!

We are so excited to announce our newest member, the "already famous" Kathrine Breeden!

Kathrine is the First Trainer in Texas to be Certified and Licensed by Victoria Stilwell from the acclaimed TV Show “It’s Me Or The Dog” on Animal Planet – is now in Chandler, AZ!!

Can you believe it?? We are so incredibly honored to have Kathrine as part of our Pet Expert Network Group! Take a look at a video featuring Victoria Stilwell, introducing Kathrine to Arizona! 

Thank you Kathrine for choosing Az Pet Professionals as YOUR pet expert Network group!!

Kathrine is an Animal Behavior Consultant offering dog training in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

From basic obedience to problem behaviors – I can help you.
Call or e-mail today!!
480-272-8816 office  972-345-7955 mobile
Business Website:


Pets and heat stroke and pool dangers

In Arizona spring and then summer arrive without much notice, therefore we must be ready to put ourselves in a new state of mind for the heat and associated dangers that it can bring to our pets.

Summer pet dangers in Arizona

1. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs

Fact: dogs do not sweat. Their only means to cooling off is by panting.
If panting does not reduce the body temperature the pet will develop Heat Stroke. The longer hair coat your dog has the more heat it holds. You can clip your dog's hair coat short but not too short as they can also get sun burn and it acts as an insulator!
The color of your dogs coat also has an impact on his ability to reflect the sun's rays. Black dogs of course absorb more of the sun's rays than lighter colored coats.

What triggers Heat Exhaustion? 

· age and condition of pet (overweight, geriatric) 
· breed
· hair coat
· climate and duration of being kept outside in hot weather
The older dog, the younger d…

Adopt a Shelter Cat!

Arizona's Pet Stylist! Our Featured Pet Expert!

Arizona’s Pet Stylist  “Where The Grooming Comes To You!” 

Arizona’s Pet Stylist is an independently owned business that has professional grooming experience for over a decade by pet owners and lovers who are highly trained in the professional field and are dedicated to your pet needs.

As certified groomers we specialize in maintaining your dogs and cats appearance and well-being. We believe regular grooming is essential to a healthy pet and we offer a fully equipped facility and made for a safe environment. Every one of our groomers will ensure your furry loved ones will get the most professional hands on care and will provide you tips to ensure your pet stays looking Fabulous! 

The benefits of regular grooming & bathing will help prevent periodontal disease, bad breath, skin and paw disorders, eliminate painful fur matting and reduce excess shedding. With continued grooming your pet will have an overall improvement in their cleanliness and hygiene and will also help identify other c…


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