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Az Pet Professionals Donate Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to Gilbert Fire Station 255

Guest Blogger, Jenna Trethewey, owner of Play Time Pet Care and member of Az Pet Professionals wrote this fun article of our morning! Thanks Jenna! 

"On Saturday, June 29th at 9:00 pm AZ Pet Professionals presented 2 Pet Oxygen Masks to Gilbert Fire Station #255. These pet masks have helped fire fighters save the lives of pets affected by smoke inhalation.

All of the members of AZ Pet Professionals raise enough funds for 2 Pet Oxygen Masks. It was such a pleasure to meet the Ladder 255 crew and donate these much needed tools to the fire fighters.

While we were with them, we were able to get some answers to our burning questions:

Q: What is the best thing pet parents can do to alert the first responders that they have animals in the house?

A: Captain Robert Foster – “First, I’d like to say that we totally understand the theory behind the window stickers that say how many pets are in the household. However, we don’t pay close attention to those. It could be a sticker from a previous homeowner and the new owner never took it down or it is inaccurate. The best thing a pet parent can do is tell us they have pets that are still in the home. The worst thing a pet parent can do is go back in to try and save their pets. We understand that pets are our children and we care for them as much as our two legged children, but let us be the ones to go back in and save your pets. It’s our job to make sure you are safe and go in and make sure all other living creatures are saved.”



Q: How can pet parents help you do your job when it’s a medical related call?

A: Captain Robert Foster – “If the pet parents know their pet is aggressive or overly friendly or barks a lot, the best thing they can do is put them somewhere where they are out of the way. In another room, outside…anywhere but right in our face. It can be difficult to perform our job when we are clobbered with kisses or greeted at the door by an aggressive pet that will do anything other than let us inside.”

Q: Do you REALLY rescue cats stuck in trees?

A: ”How many times have you seen skeletons in trees? Seriously, yes, we do rescue cats from trees. We got a call once from someone who said this cat had been stuck in a tree for 3 days. It wasn’t their cat, but they were tired of hearing it meowing.”

After the Pet Oxygen Masks were officially presented to the station they were kind enough to let the AZ Pet Professional members (anyone who wanted to) take a ride in the ladder of their big fire truck. "

Play Time Pet Care

We thank the gentleman of Gilbert Fire Station #255 for their hospitality and for all they do for our community!

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