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Pet Expert of the week- Play Time Pet Care

"Ziggy is upside down for Play Time Pet Care!"

Pet Loss and Memorial in Arizona

Arizona's most compassionate Pet Loss and Memorial Service

For many of us this is not an easy thing to think of, but when the time comes you will be prepared and less chaotic. Just like people putting their affairs in to order as they age, we should also think about doing this for our pets. I wanted to feature PALS Cremation because sometimes our readers may miss viewing some of our pages to the right. This is an important company and should be a familiar one with every pet owner. Please take a look and have the courage to take the time to familiarize yourself with their services so you won't be lost when that day comes. Thank you Pals for always being there for pet parents! 

Helping you say goodbye.......

PALS, Inc.
3629 North 40th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85019 Business Phone:



A dignified and fitting farewell to a loved one can contribute to the easing of emotional trauma for a p…

Dog Bites

We know it's not National Dog Bite Prevention week any more as that was in May, but it's just such an important topic that we wanted to share this with you once more so you can remind yourselves to be aware. Thanks pet friends!

Arizona's Pet Stylist is on the news!

Our very own pet expert, Arizona's Pet Stylist!! Congrats Kay and staff! You are the BEST!!

Dog bites Ceasar Milan!

WOW! This is just one of many reasons that I do NOT support Caesar! This dog gave him so many warning signs before she bit. Incredibly poor judge of character!
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