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World Rabies Day 2013

This years theme:

Rabies: understand it to defeat it.
Rabies is a fatal disease. There are multiple accounts of people who have died after being bitten by a rabid animal. Especially important is to educate your younger children so if they come in to contact with possibly infected animal they will not touch it. If you suspect your pet has been bitten by a rabid animal you must seek veterinarian assistance as quickly as possible. 
The Global Alliance for Rabies Control offers information for those of you who'd like to learn more. Please become educated. If your pet is due for it's vaccine, please get it done. This disease is almost always fatal. Help us to keep it under control. It's the Law.

Click here to watch a You Tube video produced by the by Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC)

On January 2nd, 2013, a Minor was the first victim in Arizona to  be bitten by a rabid animal. This happened in …

Dog Training! Check out our Featured Pet Expert, Blue Ribbon K9 Academy!

Cat Towers for kitties who love to perch!

Driving home today I noticed a pick up truck on the corner loaded with cat condos and cat trees, as well as dogging steps, planks and cat scratchers. Of course I had to stop, my kitties love kitty condos! They perch in them all the time and play, play, play! Here is what I found.

US MADE BY SIBLINGS! 602-303-7767
Blood, Sweat, Tears and a lot of splinters! That's what they said when I asked them... "How did you do all of these??" I was so impressed, I asked her if I could place her on our front page as well as our Supporting Business Page. First of all, I love that they are actually made right here in my own neighborhood, in the USA and by two people who are putting heart and soul into making them! This is the sort business I love supporting!

Cat Condos, and Doggie Steps/planks. Can custom make to your liking!

Made in the USA by two hard working siblings. Through Blood, Sweat and Tears this two-some hand crafts these beautiful cat condos and doggies steps…

Dogs and Ear Infections- How to clean your dogs ears

Cleaning your dog's ears....

Many pet owners are faced with their dog's ear infections. They can be chronic or one time infections, they can be quick to heal or complicated. Let's see what we can do about giving you some tips that will be helpful to you if you are dealing with your dogs ear infections.

Working in a clinic we often see dogs from Arizona with allergies, whether they are a food allergy causing the ear infections, environmental or genetic, they can all be the same…. Itchy, yucky and bothersome!

Here are some tips for you to remember if your dog has an ear infection or if you suspect it does and you are going to your veterinarian to have them examined.

1. Don’t clean your dog’s ears right before its examination! The veterinarian needs to see the current condition of your dogs ears. Your vet will be looking for the organisms inside the canals and on the inside flaps. If you clean all of the debris away the veterinarian will not be able to diagnose what organi…

Help! My cat hates his carrier!!

Does your cat hate his carrier? Having a hard time getting to the vet because of it?

How many of you leave your pet carrier in a closet or the garage until the night before or morning of your cat’s veterinary appointment?

Yep, as I thought… most of us!
I know if the only time I saw the “Thing” that took me out of my home, into a scary, loud automobile, into a place that smelled like all sorts of animals, and each time I got “poked”, I’d run too!
Wouldn’t you? So let’s try this. Leave your carrier out. That’s right, OUT.

Make it part of the house, just another piece of furniture. Maybe even give it a squirt of catnip spray or put some kitty treats into it. Then, don’t make a big deal about it! Just walk away and ignore it. If you make a fuss about it, they’ll catch on, trust me. Leave it there for at least a week, if not longer, prior to your veterinary appointment. By then your cat should have lost all interest in it. The morning of the appointment they won’t have any idea that th…

National Pet Memorial Day

Today is National Pet Memorial Day
40 years ago the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories members designated the second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day. 
Most of us today who own pets feel they are part of the family, not just animals. We spend more money on them then we used to, we pamper them, we take care of their health better and we talk them like a member of the family. We care about who watches them when we have to leave out of town, we spend more time with basic training so they don’t end up with behavioral problems and we even further educate ourselves so we can provide the best care we are able to. Then the day comes when we have to say good bye to our special pet family member. Time with them is just too short. We tell ourselves that we are prepared because we have been watching the stiffness in their gate, the decrease in their appetite, the loss of their vision and hearing and all that comes with old age. But the…

Hollywood Potty Pads!


How many of you have pets that use potty pads? These are incredible! Higher absorbancy, cute paw or bone shaped. Much better than what looks like a diaper laying on your floor! Order yours today!

Bag Size (FREE Shipping)15-Pack $14.99 USD30-Pack $27.99 USD

Furbabies Delectable Delights


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