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Help! My cat hates his carrier!!

 Does your cat hate his carrier? Having a hard time getting to the vet because of it?

How many of you leave your pet carrier in a closet or the garage until the night before or morning of your cat’s veterinary appointment?

Yep, as I thought… most of us!
I know if the only time I saw the “Thing” that took me out of my home, into a scary, loud automobile, into a place that smelled like all sorts of animals, and each time I got “poked”, I’d run too!
Wouldn’t you? So let’s try this. Leave your carrier out. That’s right, OUT.
Make it part of the house, just another piece of furniture. Maybe even give it a squirt of catnip spray or put some kitty treats into it. Then, don’t make a big deal about it! Just walk away and ignore it. If you make a fuss about it, they’ll catch on, trust me. Leave it there for at least a week, if not longer, prior to your veterinary appointment. By then your cat should have lost all interest in it. The morning of the appointment they won’t have any idea that they will be going inside it today!
There are also over the counter sprays for cats that have natural pheromones which act as a calming agent to many cats, that you can spray the carrier with (when your cat is out of the room so he doesn’t see you) right before you leave and you can also spray a blanket that can go inside the carrier. By the time you arrive at your vet’s office your pet should be fairly calm. One popular name brand spray that we use in the clinic I work at is called “Feliway” which comes in spray form as well as in diffusers to use in your home. Hopefully these tips will help kitties experience with the cat carrier a little easier than before! Thanks pet friends!

Kim MacCrone-CVT
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