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World Spay Day, February 25th, 2014

Hundreds of Events and Thousands of Lives Saved Mark 20th Annual World Spay Day Shared by:

Facts about Spaying and Neutering:
50 percent of litters aren't planned. Puppies and kittens can safely and easily be fixed by four months to prevent accidental litters.Puppies and kittens as young as two months old or weighing at least two pounds can be spayed or neutered.Spay/neuter reduces breeding-related health risks such as reproductive cancer. It can add years to your pet’s life, meaning lots of extra toy tossing, treat sharing, and couch cuddling in your future.Spay/neuter ends females’ heat cycles (no more unwanted male suitors). It reduces roaming and pets’ chances of being hit by cars. Neutering resolves most territorial urine marking issues and means no more humping everything in sight.Spaying and neutering do not hurt, as veterinarians use anesthesia during the procedures and provide pain medications afterward.
For the first time ever t…

Active Paws-Move your Mutt!

Katie Mogowski is a reliable, affordable, well-qualified and dedicated Dog Runner.

Katie started her Dog Walking/Running/Biking business last year. She has spent multiple years volunteering at local animal shelters and furthering her knowledge of canines. Since being involved in rescue, Katie has seen her fair share of animals be turned in or returned for unwanted behaviors. Active Paws is her way to help pet parents keep their animals in their homes! 

Whether your dog has high energy, separation anxiety, digs, barks, paces or is overweight...Active Paws can help. Getting your beloved pet the exercise and stimulation they need during the day, while you work hard to make living, can eliminate many of these behaviors.

Katie is comfortable with dogs of any size and shape! She will treat your pet just like her own, giving them the care and love they deserve.

So "Move Your Mutt" and sign up for a FREE consultation today! 

Katie is also trained in Pet …

February is National Pet Dental Month!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Does your pet have bad breath? This and many more symptoms could be signs of oral health problems.

Below is a list of symptoms that most pets will have if they have a troublesome and even painful mouth that you might not be aware of.
Decreased interest in eating (Too painful) Excessive want to eat (hungry because they are not able to eat) Pawing at face (irritated gums and teeth, pain) Rubbing their face on furniture or the carpetDrooling (mobile or painful teeth) Un-characteristic snapping at you when you pet its face (Painful) Bleeding gums (Periodontal disease-bleeding, mobile teeth)
To address the significance of oral health care for pets the AVMA and several veterinary groups are sponsoring National Pet Dental Health Month in February.

Watch this AVMA You Tube Video to learn how to brush your pet’s teeth.
Many dogs and cats over 3 years of age have some form of periodontal or dental disease. One way to prevent it from happening is by brushing your…

Be Kind To Dogs- Dog Friendly Trainer in Arizona

Kathrine Breeden is A “Truly Dog Friendly” Trainer, Licensed by Victoria Stilwell from the TV Show on Animal Planet “It’s Me Or The Dog” – the First in Texas – and now in Phoenix, Arizona!

Kathrine moved to Chandler, Arizona last year. Happy clients, friends, veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, pet stores, boarding & daycare establishments, rescue groups and other dog trainers, in the Dallas Fort Worth area have been highly recommending Kathrine for many years and now she’s right here in Arizona!

Kathrine believes that the traditional methods of dog training using various forms of physical force and psychological abuse and intimidation are not only cruel and ineffective but hamper the development of the optimum relationship between dog and human.

If you’ve just got a new puppy or rescue dog or are having problems of any sort with your dog now is the time to CALL Kathrine! Her methods are affordable, effective and humane!

To visit Kathrine's Business Website please click here…


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