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It's National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

It's the last day of National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!
Let's celebrate Pet First Aid Awareness ALL YEAR!Pet First Aid Awareness Month is the month that we focus on pet health, being able to keep our pets safe and knowing what to do in case of an accident or injury with your pets. Knowing what “Normal” is for your pet will allow you to also know what is “Not Normal.” It is estimated that up to 60 percent of animal hospital visits are emergency in nature. Statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among pre-senior dogs.
Common pet emergencies and injuries:
hit by carfalling out the back of a vehiclesnake bitesinsect bitesburnschokingdrowningheat strokeheat exhaustpoisoningforeign body ingestionBeing educated in pet first aid helps you to be able to stabilize your pet before transporting it to the veterinary clinic for further treatment. Proper stabilization, bandaging, and safe transport can all help with a better chance of recovery for…

Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

We want to help all pet parents put together their very own PET FIRST AID KITS! It's easy and  fun! This article is for all pet parents who would like to make their own pet first aid kit, one for the house and one for the car. Don't forget to print this list when you head out to shop for the items! 

First, we always advise that you make your own pet first aid kit yourself so you know exactly what is in it and where everything is located. You can spend less than $20 putting items in it or you can go to a pet store and purchase a pre-packaged Pet First Aid Kit for $30-$80. Not that those aren't adorable but we guarantee you that what you're really paying for is the Brand Name and the look of the kit and not much more. We find they typically have very few helpful items but an incredibly cute package!

Not too many people think of this but what happens when you really need to stabilize your pet quickly for transport to your vet?So you scatter around …

National Pet ID Week

April 20-26th is National Pet ID Week!

I’d love to see the statistics on how many pet owners have pets with collars and ID collars on at all times. With so many strays being brought in to veterinary clinics that not only are not microchipped, but also do not have a collar with ID on. This simple thing to do could reunite you with your lost pet. If you have not already put a pet ID tag on your pet’s collar, let’s try to do it this week while we celebrate National Pet ID Week!
Pet ID’s can be found almost anywhere! You can create them in a Pet ID machine right inside Petco and Pet Smart or order them from various websites. I’ve put together a list to help make ordering fast for you.

· you are Tech Savvy this is a must for your pet’s ID! The newest rage in the techi world! A QR Coded Pet ID Tag! A personalized QR code containing all of your pet’s information to help aide in getting him or her back home! Free user profiles
· Simple, ea…

Teri Anne Tate- Comfy Pets of Arizona

Comfy Pets of AzFeatured Pet Expert of April!

National Heartworm Awareness Month

But…. Do we really have canine heart worm disease in Arizona? The answer may surprise you, but YES! We Do!

Do my dogs really need an annual heartworm test and monthly preventative?

By testing your dog annually and protecting him/her with a monthly preventative is far safer and less expensive than if your dog actually acquires heartworm disease. Many people don’t know the expense and on-going veterinary care required if your pet is diagnosed with heartworm disease.
Annual Testing and a 12 month supply of heart worm preventative, depending on your dogs size, can range from $130-$200 (small dog vs a large dog) compared to $1,000-$3,000 for actual heartworm treatment for heart worm positive dogs. That’s a big difference!

The best and the only site we recommend learning about heart worm disease, prevention, and treatment is by the big guys themselves who know all about it, The American Heart worm Society.

To go directly to the educational page of their w…


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