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Let Pet Butler do the Poop Scooping for you!


Introducing another amazing Az Pet Professional member and her Crappy Business! Pun most definitely intended! 
My name is Sandy Aaron and I am the proud local owner and operator of Pet Butler Pet Waste Cleanup and Removal servicing the East Valley and Phoenix. We provide pet waste cleanup service to homes, apartment communities, HOAs, condos, townhomes, and dog parks in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix and Central Phoenix. We are strong supporters of Pet Rescue by way of service volunteering and financial support. 

Check out our Pawsome Yelp reviews from some satisfied customers! Here is a peak at a wonderful customer review:
5 Star Rating
"We have been doing business with Sandy and Pet Butler for a little over three years now. Anyone that has ever been out to clean our yard has been so nice and friendly to all of our dogs. They ALWAYS come as promised (we do twice a week yard pick ups), do wonderful work, and address concerns immediate…


WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO TEACH YOUR KIDS TO BE SAFE AROUND DOGS?How to teach your kids to approach unfamiliar dogs safely  They come in all sizes and shapes 

There is not just one set breed of dogs that you should teach your kids to be safe around. They are all dogs, big or small.
It is important for adults to teach children how to safely approach an unfamiliar dog and how to protect themselves if they come in contact with an unfriendly dog.
According to the Center of Disease Control 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, many of these involving children, with dog bite related injuries highest in 5-9 year olds. It is important to teach children how to approach dogs to keep children safe, to keep your pets happy, and to avoid becoming one of those statistics.
Many dog bites happen at home with our own dogs. It does not mean a pet is mean or aggressive, often; the dog is afraid, fearful, over-stimulated by the activity around it or …

National Dog Bite Prevention Week May 18th/24th, 2014

NATIONAL DOG BITE PREVENTION WEEK MAY 18-24, 2014. The entire info graphic speaks more than I possibly can so please read on and share!.

National Pet Month!

May is National Pet Month! 
What does that mean for all of the pet lovers and owners out there?

To the Az Pet Professionals it means many things! 

Our aim is to be able to:

· Promote responsible pet ownership

· Provide Awareness of mutual benefits of owning a pet

· Increase public awareness of the role pet experts have in their lives

· Raising awareness of the value that working and assistance dogs have in so many lives

The following are Az Pet Professionals top 10 Tips for responsible ownership:

1. THINK before getting a pet. Do your research and understand what your financial obligations will be for the entire life of the pet! ADOPT! DON’T SHOP!

2. Make sure your pet receives Basic Training and is well socialized. Of course we have you covered there to with our fantastic professional dog trainers!

3. Feed your pet a high quality, well balanced diet in “Meals”. Know how much food is going in! Don't let your pet become OBESE!

4. …

How to stop my cat from waking me up early!

What can cat owners do to keep their cats from banging on their bedroom door, waking them up at 5 am?See tips here from Jackson Galaxy on how to stop your cat from waking you up early!

Great advice Jackson Galaxy! Thanks for the help!


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