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Fourth of July is a fun time!
For people that is…….
Most pets do not like the Fourth of July. This includes cats too!

Loud noises can frighten your pets. It is safer and less stressful for your pet if you leave him at home rather than taking him to a Fireworks Display.
Below are tips to help you keep your pet safe for your Fourth of July Celebration!

1. Keep your pets away from Sparklers, BBQ’s and Citronella Candles. If you can’t supervise your pet at all times, keep him indoors where he will be safe. Secure him in a quite, pet proofed room with a TV playing or soft music to alleviate the noises from outside.

2.Do not apply any sunscreens or sprays to your pet that are not made specifically for him. If your yard has excessive insects that are bothering your pet, ask your local Veterinarian for a recommendation on pet safe insect repellents such as Front Line Plus and K9 Advantage.
3.Keep your pet Hydrated. Make sure to fill his bowl if he is going to be outs…

Second Home Pet Resort

Introducing an AMAZING Pet Resort in Phoenix, Arizona off of Thunderbird and 7th Street. I had an amazing day with their Director, Manager and the founder of Second Home Pet Resort. If you are in search of a Resort Style Place to board your pets, this is it! I can't say enough about this place! It's truly amazing and so is the Staff!

Thank you Second Home Pet Resort! from Kim Hill-MacCrone

Protecting your dog in the hot summer

How to protect our dogs in the Summer Heat
Fur coats are hot! 
Fur provides some amount of protection from the sun but thick fur prevents body heat from escaping and promotes overheating. It's a myth that shaving a dog's coat makes him hotter. Shaving it to the skin can make him vulnerable to sunburn but cutting the fur to about one inch can help him stay cooler. If you don't want to shave him brush as much undercoat as you can out and be sure no solid mats are there to trap heat and moisture.

Here are several Az Pet Experts Tips on protecting pets in the heat this summer. 

· Don’t walk or run your dog in the heat. That may seem obvious but we see it every day in the Arizona scorching heat! Try to take early morning short walks or late evening walks.

· Never, Ever, Ever keep your pets in parked cars! Or children for that matter!

· Be prepared for travel emergencies. What are some things that could happen if your car broke down while traveling with your pet and while you w…

Arizona's Pet Stylist

Arizona’s Pet Stylist “Where the grooming comes to you!” 480-326-5298
Who are we? We are a full service mobile pet grooming company. We are also a team of individuals dedicated to the well being of your fur babies and YOU! We understand that your pets are your family members and in turn we strive to stay up to date on the latest information and provide all customers (dog, cat, and Pet parents alike) with the most reliable, educated, friendly, professional and caring service possible.

Our stylists have decades worth of combined experience in pet grooming and are all Pet CPR and First Aid Certified. Yes, that's how much we care!

WE provide services to the entire South East Valley including:

· Ahwatukee and Foothills

· Apache Junction

· Chandler

· Gilbert

· Maricopa

· Mesa

· South Phoenix (we do not go into the avenues)

· Queen Creek

· San Tan Valley

· South Scottsdale (South of the 101)

· Tempe

Check ou…

Pet dangers in the Summer

Summer pet dangers in Arizona   1.Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in DogsFact: dogs do not sweat. Their only means to cooling off is by panting.
If panting does not reduce the body temperature the pet will develop Heat Stroke. The longer hair coat your dog has the more heat it holds. You can clip your dog's hair coat short but not too short as they can also get sun burn and it acts as an insulator!

The color of your dogs coat also has an impact on his ability to reflect the sun's rays. Black dogs of course absorb more of the sun's rays than lighter colored coats.

What triggers Heat Exhaustion?

· age and condition of pet (overweight, geriatric)
· breed
· hair coat
· climate and duration of being kept outside in hot weather

The older dog, the younger dog and the short muzzled (brachycephalic) are among the highest at risk.

Short muzzled dogs include the Boxer, the Bost…


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