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Veterinarians in Chandler and Tempe that you can trust!

As promised!!

Introducing our very first Chandler and Tempe Veterinary Practices!



This first paragraph is a repeat of an earlier post introducing our Chandler Veterinarians but I wanted to post the same first paragraph because it has so much reason behind why Az Pet Professionals  support the small business owners and not the large Veterinary Corporations. Please let me make clear one thing, we are not saying it is bad to take your pet to a corporate veterinary business, it's just not for the Az Pet Professionals! We support our small business owners, it's what we are all about! We want to know them personally as well as professionally so we know what you will be receiving as far as the care given to you and your pets.
So if you missed it, here it is......

All over the Valley people have so many choices for Veterinary Practices and Veterinarians. But which one should you take your pet/s to? Why does it seem that so many Veterinarians these days belong to big Corporations? What if you are searching for a smaller, family feeling veterinary clinic that offers the same exact services but with a little bit more of a "personal" touch for you and your fur family?

Answer a couple of questions listed below and you can decide on your own which fits you the best, smaller, family veterinarians or larger corporate practices.

If you currently go to a corporate/or corporate feeling veterinary office:
  • Does it seem as if they are "selling" you things, perhaps working on commission?
  • Do they seem that to sell, sell, sell is their goal, not your pet?
  • Do you feel "ripped off?" when you leave?
  • Do you feel like you are just another number who walked through the door?
  • Is the Veterinarian spending quality time with you and your pets? Is it the same Veterinarian each time or always someone new?
  • Do you long for a more personal touch, a warmer welcome?
  • Did you feel special when you walked into their practice, or not?

So how did you do? Does a corporation fit you or do you long for a smaller practice?

You know, the ones who make you feel more at home, the ones who know your names when you walk through the door, always friendly but always professional, efficient but without making you feel they are "Selling." The give you education and explore your options for pet care but let you make the final decision.
Being a Veterinarian and owning a Practice is not an easy thing to do. From start to finish they have put their hearts, hands, sweat and tears into every aspect of building their practices. Let's show them our dedication. They could easily "Sell out" to the Corporations but they don't.
Why? Commitment, passion and dedication to you and your pets!

So which Veterinarian do you trust to give you that personal, compassionate, but still all the while, high quality medical care, to your pet?

For years now we have named several Valley Veterinarians on our website, mostly because they are our own pet's doctors, or we've heard great things about them from each another. But it's finally time to honor those committed, small business owners and Veterinarians as actual Network Group Members! Their outstanding services should be more than just a name on our page. They've proved over and over to be the best and we are honored to shower them with appreciation and acknowledgement! You will see our referred Veterinarians' page grow and grow because we want you to know where to take your pets for trusted and committed care. We care about you and your pets and only want the best for all pet parents! So without further hesitation, please let me introduce two of our new Valley Veterinarians!

So we are so excited to announce the two newest, official Valley Veterinarians! South Chandler and Tempe..... here we come!

Welcome our South Chandler Veterinarians!

I've known owner, Dr. Stickland and her Associate, Dr. Duregger for over 5 years and have always been impressed with their dedication, professionalism and compassion for our pets. Dr. Stickland is one of many who became discouraged with corporation changes in the veterinary field and longed to be the family veterinarian she was born and educated to be! Taking a giant leap of faith she opened her very own practice! Now she was in charge of how to run her own practice!

We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished and we know that she was able to do this with the help of her faithful staff and partner, associate veterinarian, Dr. Carolyn Duregger. We are so proud to be able to showcase our favorite Chandler Veterinary Clinic!

We are sooooo excited to announce that Animal Medical Center of Chandler is now a proud member of Az Pet Professionals! Several of us have known Dr. Stickland and Dr. Duregger for some time already and feel assured we are placing you into the most loving, caring of professionals.

Please take a minute to click on their link to see pictures of Dr. Stickland's brand new, beautiful Practice located on the NW Corner of Chandler Heights and Arizona Avenue.


Dr. Andrea Stickland and Dr. Carolyn Duregger

Business Address: 70 W Chandler Heights Rd #3, Chandler, AZ, 85248
Business Phone: (480) 339-0406. Website:

Don't forget to "Like" their Facebook Page!

Welcome our Tempe Veterinarians!

I recently received an email from Dr. Andrew Marsh, Owner of Tempe's Cobblestone Veterinary Care.

Like many, Dr. Marsh is a small business owner who has put his heart and soul into his practice along with his wife, Veterinarian, Dr. Amy Jundt.

I was intrigued to see their practice and asked if we could meet. I went to Cobblestone Veterinary Care a few weeks ago and needless to say was "Blown Away"! Dr. Marsh and Dr. Jundt are two of the nicest people I've met and their Practice is amazing! With warmth and love written all over the place it was clear their hearts were in the right place. There is so much in their practice, all of which I was impressed with, but one of the most heartfelt rooms was a warm, peaceful room off to the side by itself.

Decorated very nicely with a large comfy couch. This room is used for pet owners who have to put their pet to sleep. It's a warm, peaceful room, not one with stainless steel, smells of alcohol, cleaners, etc. It's quite, it's pretty, it's the perfect place for the ending of a beautiful life long friend's life.
The room also allows you to walk out a separate door when done, not through the lobby. Not all Veterinarians are lucky enough to have the room in their Practices that allows such a room, but I can tell you.... they all wish they did. For you.

I hope you will take a tour of their beautiful Veterinary Clinic whenever you have the chance and if you live in North Chandler or Tempe, this is a must for you if you are looking for a trusted Veterinary Clinic!

Business Address:
Cobblestone Veterinary Care
1721 East Warner Road Suite C3
Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone: 480-897-1888
Fax: 480-897-1400

Business Website:

Thank you Animal Medical Center of Chandler and Cobblestone Veterinary Care for providing Valley pet owners with your undeniable dedication, professionalism, compassion and love for their pets!

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