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It's National Veterinary Technician Week!

Az Pet Professionals has many pet experts. They also has a founder who just happens to be a Certified Veterinary Technician! So please help me to celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week in honor of our own, very special Veterinary Technician! Thank you!

It is once again, National Veterinary Technician Week!

2014’s theme is “What does a Veterinary Technician Do?”

We would like to celebrate all the Veterinary Technicians in the World this week and share some of the amazing and often unknown things that they do!

Veterinary Technicians are an integral part of the Veterinary Field. If you know one yourself, you’ve probably gotten used to hearing “Vet Tech.” That simple term can sometimes get blank stares when we tell people what we are. After all, isn’t a “Tech” someone who does stuff like change oil, put new tires on your car, works in a lab with a long white coat and protective glasses? Many people have no idea what “Vet Tech” really means. It is a shortened language used because we’ve gotten used to saying it. But in real, the title is much more than that.
Some states have “Licensed Veterinary Technicians,” others are recognized with “Registered Veterinary Technician,” and our state, Arizona, we are recognized as “Certified Veterinary Technicians.” They all mean the same thing.

Certified Veterinary Technicians, or any of the above credentialed titles, mean that a person has graduated from an Accredited School of Veterinary Technicians, taken and passed a State and a National Test. They are required to uphold their Certifications by attending 10 hours of continued education every two years and pay a license fee. This assures all that credentialed veterinary technicians are staying current in all of the changes in the veterinary field and are committed to continued learning.

This is an older video from 2012, but the message remains clear......

So….. What does a Veterinary Technician Do?” This article explains this in depth.

Here are just some of the things you may not realize that we do:
·        Phlebotomy
·       X-Rays Technicians
·       Dental Hygenists
·       In house laboratory procedures, including handling of all the samples, requisition forms, and protocols for many different tests to be performed. Making sure the results get to the doctors.
·        Surgery Assisting, not just assisting, but everything that goes along with that term is:
o   Checking in the patient and reviewing the procedure with the client and explaining all the intake paperwork.
o   Placing an IV catheter so the patient receives important intravenous fluids during surgery as well as receiving pain injections.
o   Administering IV fluids
o   Assisting during surgery, that means not only knowing how to read an EKG, but also Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure, Temperature and much more.
o   The most important, assessing the patient’s parameters and never relying on a machine.
o   Knowing what to do in case something goes wrong in the surgery room.
o   Post operative care for the patient.
o   Completion and accuracy of all charges to the client.
o   Thorough explanation of home care to the client.
o   Follow up to check the status of the patient the following day
o   Clean up, clean, sterilize instruments, and re-set the surgery room for the next day.
And that’s just surgery!

Exam room technicians have the education to educate clients in a degree of pet care from the importance of vaccinations, heart worm prevention, lab testing, home care, behavior, and so much more.
Technicians are also responsible…… and this is a biggy, in caring for the client! Yes, taking care of the client too! Being a technician does not mean hanging out in the back of the hospital “playing” with pets. It’s so much more. It’s about the pet owners too. It's hard work, sometimes back breaking, long hours, fast paced, high stress situations, and much knowledge needed in many different areas of Veterinary Medicine. So the next time you see your Vet Tech prior to the Doctor at your pet's appointment, please remember that they do much, much more than just taking your pet's temp before the doctor comes in!

To read more about other things Kim does please visit her website at Kim teaches Pet CPR and First Aid as well as Public Speaking, teaching others pet care and safety. 

If you’d like to do some more reading, here are some shared sites worth browsing through.
So if you know a Veterinary Technician, maybe today you could send them a little message and let them know how much you appreciate what they do for all the pets. I know I’m going to!

Thank you!

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