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Today's world has many pet owners fearful of what products and foods they can feed their fur family. So many stories heard in the News about pet's falling ill... even dying, after eating certain brands of foods or using certain products on their pets. PAWS Products offers you alternatives for this reason. We are very excited that Mindy and her pet business are official members of Az Pet Professionals! Mindy has been a trusted pet expert since 2012! Take a peek here at all she can offer you and your pets and if you should have any questions at all about Mindy's Products, please don't hesitate to give her a call!

At P.A.W.S. Products, we know that pets are family, and they deserve natural, healthy treats, supplements and grooming products - free from chemicals and preservatives. We believe there is a definite link between good products and good health – after all, what goes inside the body shows on the outside.  

Our human-grade pet products are made from all-natural, whole-food, holistic ingredients. If we wouldn’t eat or use it ourselves, you have our promise it will never be included in our treats, supplements or grooming products. And all of our grooming supplies are not only pet friendly, but also earth friendly and cruelty-free.  They are made with 100% Natural ingredients, and are safe to use on humans as well!

At P.A.W.S., we Provide Animals With Superior Products!

We love what we do, and we hope your animal companions will love it too! The result of this labor of love is the product line-up we are proud to offer today:

Products we offer:

Healthy, Tasty TREATS

*Apple Cobbler*     * Elvis*      *Maple Bacon*     *Pumpkin Pie*     *Say Cheese*

 *EFA Oil*       
*Healthy Powder*



Holistic GROOMING Supplies

*Herbal Shampoo*       *Soothing Ear Wash*       *Hot Spot Spray*         
*Coat Spray/Insect Repellant*       *Healing Salve*

Our pets are part of our lives and the focus of everything we do.  Here is my promise to you:

"We won't ever make anything we wouldn't consider good enough for our own pets (and even ourselves!) to eat or use. Our fresh pet products will always be made from only the highest quality, human consumable, whole-food, natural ingredients. 

We will always choose the best raw ingredients and never leave procurement to anyone else. We will put our hearts and souls into building a strong company and brand, based on the foundations of product integrity, transparency and honesty. 

We’ll respect our community and our planet by choosing local, organic ingredients whenever we can. We will be dedicated to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with local ranchers and farmers, and will focus on sustainability.  We will be honored to support our local rescue groups and give back to the community that has given so much to us.

Please let us know if you have any questions or leave us a comment - we want to know how we can help!"
~Mindy, Owner of P.A.W.S. Products

To learn more and to purchase our products please visit our  
our website 

or email Mindy at

We’re social animals!! Speak to us!

We LOVE our furry friends! 
Here are a few:

*Heidi the jumping German Shepard is one of our favorite customers! 

She suffered so badly from allergies, she had to take regular shots of multiple medications. Since she’s been taking our EFA Oil, she no longer needs to take those shots! 
We are so happy to have helped Heidi! 
Ask how we can help your fur-buddy too!*

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