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Pet Holiday Safety Tips- Enjoying your pets without worry this Holiday Season!

Yappy Holidays,  Pet Parents!

With the holiday season here many of us are busy running around which can in return raise stress levels in our pets! It's a busy time and our pets can sense the stress that we have!

Microchipping your pet can help in their return if they should accidentally escape through an open door or garage!
Call one of our Veterinarians today and schedule an appointment. There's no better time than now!

Below are some tips you can easily remember this season to help keep your pets stress free, safe and happy!
Inform your guests not to feed your pet table scraps.This can be very harmful and sometimes fatal! Keep your pets on their regular diet. Xylitol found in many candy and gum can be fatal to our pets so make sure all goodies are out of reach!Do not allow children to harass your pet as this could lead to trouble. Stress can sometimes make our pets on edge. It's a good idea to keep your pet in a quite room if they are not accustomed to many peop…

Sue's Pet Friends-Our Tempe Pet Sitter

Sue’s Pet Friends Sue Higbee, owner of Sue’s Pet Friends
Business Cell Phone: 480-628-6958

"I have been a professional pet sitter for over 13 years. I wouldn’t trade it for my life for any other profession. The kindness and love I get from animals keeps my life whole. My pet owners love to spoil their kids and I just follow along spoiling them the same. Having wonderful pet owners is the key to success. Communication is very important! That's why we leave notes or send text messages, especially with pictures! This is a great way to keep our clients happy and worry free.

This is Hansel Frederick, my very first client. I have just found out he has cancer. This is the part of my job that is hard. We love them like they were our own. I will be there to hold his paw and his Mom’s hand when the time comes.

We care for special needs animals. Caroline has scoliosis so she needs to be handled with care. We care for a lot of seniors who need medication daily. Including dia…

National Black Cat Day

National Black Cat Day was November 18th. Why did we miss it? First, I wanted to think long and hard about this before I posted anything, but then I realized, “What’s to think about?” Black cats are no different than any other colored cat! They are just as curious, cautious, finicky, hilarious, fun-filled creatures as any other cat! The only difference I can see? They’re black. So why is the stigma so high towards black cats and dogs?

Well for starters there are several very erroneous myths about both black colored cats as well as dogs. What a horrible misconstruction these poor souls suffer. Being black coated decreases their chances of adoption enormously. It’s heartbreaking that many good natured, amazing black pets go un-adopted simply because of the color of their hair coat.

Let’s clear up some of these myths.

First… it is NOT bad luck if a black cat crosses your path from right to left or good luck if it passes from left to right. That’s just silly. Reading that out loud, do …

Howland Studios Fine Artist-Just in time for the holidays!

"Adopt A Senior Pet Month" and November"National Animal Shelter And Rescue Appreciation Week"

Have you thought about adopting a Senior Pet? How about a Shelter Animal? November is "Adopt A Senior Pet Month" and November 3rd/9th is"National Animal Shelter And Rescue Appreciation Week" November is a time where people involved in pet rescue can really showcase their efforts in finding forever homes for homeless and senior pets.
Let's address our senior pets first. Why are they important enough to dedicate an entire month to?
Because when people think of “adoption” they often think of adding a new, young pet, not a senior pet. That means many senior pets are held in shelters for many weeks, months and sometimes even years. At agencies who do euthanize, that means the senior pets who are overlooked ultimately face their death in the matter of days simply because of their age.
Why does everyone want a young pet?
Information shows that when people decide to adopt a new pet there are many reasons they opt for the younger dog or cat.
Here are a few of th…


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