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"Adopt A Senior Pet Month" and November"National Animal Shelter And Rescue Appreciation Week"

Have you thought about adopting a Senior Pet?

How about a Shelter Animal?

November is "Adopt A Senior Pet Month" and November 3rd/9th is"National Animal Shelter And Rescue Appreciation Week"


November is a time where people involved in pet rescue can really showcase their efforts in finding forever homes for homeless and senior pets.
Let's address our senior pets first. Why are they important enough to dedicate an entire month to?
Because when people think of “adoption” they often think of adding a new, young pet, not a senior pet. That means many senior pets are held in shelters for many weeks, months and sometimes even years. At agencies who do euthanize, that means the senior pets who are overlooked ultimately face their death in the matter of days simply because of their age.
Why does everyone want a young pet?
Information shows that when people decide to adopt a new pet there are many reasons they opt for the younger dog or cat.
Here are a few of those reasons:
• We want our kids to grow up with a pet while it’s young and can grow with the family
• We’ve never owned a pet before so we want to start with a brand new youngster
• Older pets have too many health problems and are expensive to treat
• Old pets might have bad behavior problems that we don’t know about
• We don’t want to adopt an older pet because they will die too shortly after
• We want our kids to take responsibility of house training, feeding, etc. and you can’t do that with an older pet
Siamese Cat
Actually, the entire list above can be  contradictory!
Children can still develop bonds with an older pet just the same as they would with a kitten or a puppy. They still learn compassion, commitment, unconditional love as well as what it takes to provide joyful, loving, last years to a senior pet.
Just because you’ve never owned a pet before certainly doesn’t mean it needs to be a young one. You might even find that older pets have already surpassed the tiring puppy or kitten stage, have already been corrected and taught “good” behavior habits. If you’ve never owned a pet before you may be unpleasantly surprised at how much work and dedication it takes to raise a youngster to be a wonderful, well behaved addition to your family.
Too often young pets, both dogs and cats, can develop undesirable habits and behavior early on. People bring them home thinking they are going to be the best pet; when in reality, behavior problems begin setting in right out of the gate! Many people don't or won’t dedicate the time or money into basic obedience training or behavior consulting and countless times the pet finds himself looking for a new home before they even get a chance to show what amazing pets they could be!
If you still want your kids to be in charge of house training, exercise, and feeding, they still can be! It’s unquestionably no different being in charge of diet, suitable places to eliminate and the need to get outside for some playtime and walks for an older pet, as it is for a young one!
So this month if you are thinking about adopting a pet please don’t pass by the senior pets! They might be just what your family is looking for!
Pinal County Animal Care and Control-Win Rachel Ray's 100K Challenge
Adopt! Don't Shop!
As for Shelter Animals, one of my beliefs is that people tend to think they don't know "what they're getting," in a shelter animal so they opt a different route to acquire a new pet. Too many people fear that the animal is at the shelter in the first place because of something bad they've already done, such as bitten someone, has separation anxiety and has torn up a previous homes furniture, etc., urinated inappropriately in the house, is animal aggressive, and the list goes on. On the contrary, many pets at the shelter are there because of irresponsible owners who let their pets run the neighborhood and don't bother to look for them, or because someone left a gate open and out of curiosity the pet went out to investigate surroundings outside of the back yard. Being at the "Wrong place at the wrong time" could probably account for half of these types of situations. Other people may adopt out of good intention and then life takes a turn, they can no longer afford to keep their pet and with heavy hearts, they feel the only place to take their pet to is the pound.
Many people have the false belief that "someone will adopt him, he's a great dog/cat," when in reality, the opposite is true. Their pet didn't stand a chance for survival the minute they handed him over.
Shelter animals can make just as good of pets, if not better, than any pet. Fortunately today there are many responsible shelters and pet organizations who take the time to learn the behavior of the animals brought to them and with that knowledge are able to place them in homes that fit each other.
There are many places you can go to on the internet to find shelters and rescue organizations in your area.
Below is a link to a site that can show you what type of research to do first before adopting a new pet. and another on pet adoption tips:
Once you've adopted your new pet we'd love to hear all about it! Please send us an email and tell us how, when and where you adopted, and why you chose the route and pet that you did.
Emails can be sent to Thank you!
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