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National Black Cat Day

National Black Cat Day was November 18th. Why did we miss it?

First, I wanted to think long and hard about this before I posted anything, but then I realized, “What’s to think about?” Black cats are no different than any other colored cat! They are just as curious, cautious, finicky, hilarious, fun-filled creatures as any other cat! The only difference I can see? They’re black. So why is the stigma so high towards black cats and dogs?

Well for starters there are several very erroneous myths about both black colored cats as well as dogs. What a horrible misconstruction these poor souls suffer. Being black coated decreases their chances of adoption enormously. It’s heartbreaking that many good natured, amazing black pets go un-adopted simply because of the color of their hair coat.

Let’s clear up some of these myths.

First… it is NOT bad luck if a black cat crosses your path from right to left or good luck if it passes from left to right. That’s just silly. Reading that out loud, do you feel a bit ridiculous? I do. It’s no different than if a white or orange cat does the same thing.

Secondly, Black dogs are not “The ghosts of wicked souls.” Again, this is just silly. In fact, the Scottish believed that black cats signify prosperity and good luck! Now that notion, I like!

What is true that it’s much harder to photograph a black cat or dog which makes pet adoption more difficult than there lighter colored counterparts. Fortunately Shelters have come up with some very creative ideas to get past this. They find that by placing brightly colored bandanas around black dogs and cats necks and/or dressing them up with creative, colorful sweaters, hats and collars and more, have made them stand out more significantly than without any apparel or colored surroundings.

These efforts have increased black cat and dog adoption massively! But we do still have a problem with convincing many people that black is just black, and an animal in need of a home is still just an animal in need of a home.

So next time you are thinking about adopting a new pet please remember that Black is just black. I myself have a black cat and two black dogs, one is 5 pounds the other is 120 pounds, so there is no “Big Black Dog” Syndrome going on in my home. My big dog’s name is Reagan and he’s one of the kindest souls I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life with.

As for Miss Charlie, my 5 pound pooch, she’s the funniest, most cuddly pup I’ve ever owned. She loves everyone and everything. Lastly, my black cat Merle… he’s your typical young cat who loves to play, run around the house like a panther, stalking all of his toys and he “Bats” his toys when you throw them up in the air. Dangerous? Bad luck? I don’t think so. Just black. Black is just Black. So please help us spread the news to everyone you know that adopting a new pet, no matter what color they are, the most important thing is that the pet fits their new home. The color doesn’t matter. Thanks pet friends! Onward my Black cat and dog friends!

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