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Happy New Year Pet Owners!

AZ Pet Professionals want to thank all of the pet parents for using our website as the place to go to when hiring a pet professional they can trust!

We've had a tremendous year of meeting some very amazing clients, their fur families and taking care and loving their fur babies like our own!

Our Network of pet experts has grown comfortably with incredible pet experts and we are excited to venture into 2015 offering you the cream of the crop of pet professionals!

As promised to you, we will stay a comfortably sized network of providers so that you will have a to go to where you won't have to search through hundreds of unknown pet services to hire to care for your pets. In a large state such as ours it's easy for anyone to make their business look exceptional on the internet! But what is their company really like? Who are you really hiring?

What type of person is coming into your home to assist with dog training or a photo shoot?
What method of trai…

Pet care during the holidays

Pet care during the holidays
With the holidays busy for all of us, we understand it can be a crunch to get everything done.
The following are a few things to remember to help keep keep you current on your pet's health, even during the busy holidays.

· If you have a new puppy or kitten that has not completed their vaccine series you run the risk of them becoming exposed to contagious and sometimes deadly viruses. You also run the risk of having to start all over with their series of vaccines! So please, keep them on schedule!

· If your dog is due for their second Rabies vaccine (which then becomes a 3 yr. vaccine) and you allow it to become overdue you run the risk of having to re-do the 1 year Rabies vaccine all over again. That's not fun. Please don't let your pet's rabies vaccine lapse!

· If you have a new kitten and want to introduce it into the family of current cats but you’ve not had him or her tested for feline Leukemia (FeLv) or feline I…

Cobblestone Veterinary Care in Tempe

Tempe Veterinarians Are you fed up with looking for a trusted, referred Veterinarian amongst the hundreds listed all over the Internet? Does it seem like large affiliations are taking over our veterinary hospitals? Do you long for the comfort, friendly, familiar, family fur doctors?

That's why Az Pet Professionals interviewed small practice veterinarians and hand picked and invited them to join our Network Group. We invited who we thought would be the most down home, dedicated, professional, compassionate, and loving Veterinarians for our pet parents! Their practice is beautiful, warm and friendly. A very low stress practice for pet parents and their pets!

Please meet Doctors, Andrew Marsh and Amy Jundt, Practice owners and Veterinarians at Cobblestone Veterinary Care

To read more about Dr. Marsh, Dr. Jundt and their amazing, two powerhouse staff members, please click here:

Cobblestone Veterinary Care is proud to serve the T…


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