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Pet care during the holidays

Pet care during the holidays

With the holidays busy for all of us, we understand it can be a crunch to get everything done.
The following are a few things to remember to help keep keep you current on your pet's health, even during the busy holidays.

· If you have a new puppy or kitten that has not completed their vaccine series you run the risk of them becoming exposed to contagious and sometimes deadly viruses. You also run the risk of having to start all over with their series of vaccines! So please, keep them on schedule!

· If your dog is due for their second Rabies vaccine (which then becomes a 3 yr. vaccine) and you allow it to become overdue you run the risk of having to re-do the 1 year Rabies vaccine all over again. That's not fun. Please don't let your pet's rabies vaccine lapse!

· If you have a new kitten and want to introduce it into the family of current cats but you’ve not had him or her tested for feline Leukemia (FeLv) or feline Immunovirus (FIV) you are risking your current cats' health. FeLv and FIV are contagious and can be transmitted through bite wounds, grooming and drinking out of the same water bowls. Don’t risk your current cats' health by introducing a new kitten that has not yet been tested or vaccinated! It could cause more heartache than you want!

· New puppies are cute and fun but they are very impressionable between the ages of 2-4 months. If you are too busy to properly socialize your new puppy you could have a puppy that will grow to be fearful, anxious and destructive. When the holidays are busy it is easy to ignore things like puppy training. If you don’t have time, hire someone else that can come in and help! Bring your puppy along for a social visit to the veterinary clinic to get some fun loving attention from staff and doctors if you can! Make sure your puppy has started his or her kitten and puppy vaccines before you let them go too many places exposing them to contagious viruses. Your friends and neighbors can help by coming over and handing your puppy treats, wearing hats, sunglasses, etc. to introduce them to a wide range of strange things that might make them fearful. The goal is to desensitize them to anything that might be alarming when they see it for the first time.

Puppy and kitten vaccine series start between 6-8 weeks of age and are repeated every 3 weeks until they are 16-18 weeks of age. You have 3 weeks in between vaccines so there should be no worries with time if you make sure to start now!

There are many things pet owners should be concerned about during the holidays. There are foods, ornaments, ribbon, toxic plants, choking hazards, unfamiliar guests, and lots of changes around the house. Please make sure to watch your pets this holiday to keep them safe and happy! Keep them from stressful situations. There are calming treats you can purchase at many pet stores that help with anxiety. Make sure to give your pet plenty of alone time in a quite room when guests are done giving them treats and they've had some socializing time. 

Thanks pet friends and have a Paw-some Holiday Season!

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