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Choke, Chain, Shock, Oh My! What is the best collar and leash for my dog?

Dog collar dilemmas Force Free dog training What type of collar is best for you to use on your dog?
There are many collars and harnesses to choose from today and they are readily available on the Internet and at Pet Stores.

Many pet owners choose the type of collar and leash to use based on their dog's behavior inside the home and at the end of the leash.

But my dog doesn't behave with a normal collar! He's aggressive on walks and pulls me! What can I do?

Let's go back to the basics.
Most of the undesirable behavior comes down to the training your dog has had or is currently receiving. Proper dog training goes hand in hand with what collar you choose to walk your dog with in a positive, fun way.
Many people are somewhat familiar with the phrase “Force Free” and/or “Positive Reinforcement” dog training and know that it is one of the most humane ways to train a dog and reward him for good behavior. This includes unruly dogs at the end of a leash. It's not fun walking a…

Jane Ehrlic-Cat Behaviorist

Jane Ehrlic-Cat Behaviorist "Jane recently joined Az Pet Professionals and we are so proud to have her as an official member of our group! Working in the Veterinary Field I see too many, or should I say.... too few, cats come in to the clinic. Why? Behavior problems. Clients unable to get their cats into their crates for the ride is one of the biggest reasons. But wait! There are more. We often hear about "Those other cats at home" that don't come to see us, and clients are struggling with many behavior problems that are going un-addressed. We recommend that they seek the advice and expertise from Jane, as so many of these behavior problems can be corrected and kitty can live happily ever after in their home, rather than end up unwanted, deemed "Problem Cat" at the pound. If you are a reader who owns a "Problem Cat," please continue reading. Jane is an expert in her field. You will want to contact her to find out how she can help you and your cat…

National Pet Travel Safety Day

Introducing our amazing new pet experts in 2015!

Happy 2015 pet parents!! As promised, we have taken several months to find additional pet experts that fit our criteria to help assist you with your pet needs! 

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Az Pet Professionals! 


Pet Waste Clean up! Let someone else do the poopy work!

Second Home Pet Resort

 Amazing and Gorgeous Pet Resort in Phoenix! Your pet just may not want to come home! 
747 E. Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, AZ 85022 (602) 997-6600

Introducing our newest 2015 Mobile Pet Groomer!

Meet Allison Janousek-  Your professional, compassionate mobile groomer

Allie is educated and trained in Pet CPR and First Aid which is required to be a member of Az Pet Professionals if you work directly with client pets. Allie and her signature Bow, agrees that knowing what to do in an emergency while your pet/s are in her care, is a must!

National Train your dog month with Kathrine Breeden!

January is National Train your dog Month  And Walk your dog Month!  What a perfect way to start our year helping pet parents out with both of these!

As you may already know, we are pet experts who believe that "Force Free" dog training is the  humane and most successful way to train a dog. Right?
So if you've tried other methods of dog training and are still struggling and at a loss, we recommend going FORCE FREE! Yes! That's right! We have our own professional dog trainer and behavior consultant who uses 100 % force free training methods. It worked for me and I can attest that it will work for you!

Meet Kathrine Breeden. We are so honored to showcase Kathrine's years of experience and force free methods of dog training. Kathrine is widely known and trusted throughout Arizona and Texas. She was the first Texas dog trainer certified by Victoria Stillwell from "It's me or the dog" television show on "Animal Planet." Kathrine is also a memb…


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