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Jane Ehrlic-Cat Behaviorist

Jane Ehrlic-Cat Behaviorist



"Jane recently joined Az Pet Professionals and we are so proud to have her as an official member of our group! Working in the Veterinary Field I see too many, or should I say.... too few, cats come in to the clinic. Why? Behavior problems. Clients unable to get their cats into their crates for the ride is one of the biggest reasons. But wait! There are more. We often hear about "Those other cats at home" that don't come to see us, and clients are struggling with many behavior problems that are going un-addressed. We recommend that they seek the advice and expertise from Jane, as so many of these behavior problems can be corrected and kitty can live happily ever after in their home, rather than end up unwanted, deemed "Problem Cat" at the pound. If you are a reader who owns a "Problem Cat," please continue reading. Jane is an expert in her field. You will want to contact her to find out how she can help you and your cats live in harmony!" Kim MacCrone

JANE EHRLICH went to Washington University in St. Louis, where she studied under Dr. Michael Fox, arguably the first internationally-renowned ethologist and expert in canine and feline behavior. EHRLICH later moved to London for her Ph.D., and spent over 20 years volunteering as clinic assistant and feline behavior counselor with the North London branch of the RSPCA.

Upon her return to her hometown of Phoenix, she worked in animal shelters, and started her own business, Cattitude Feline Behavior. She has remained current in her field, between journals, conference transcripts, and conferences both in Britain and in the US. In April she will be attending the IAABC's feline behavior conference in Atlanta.

Ehrlich has appeared in press (presently the ‘cat expert’ contributor in the AZ Republic ‘Ask the Pet Editor’ Sunday column), on radio and TV, and gives talks to shelters, rescues and vet tech colleges. She recently did a webinar for Pet Professionals Guild, and has achieved her Associate Certification from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Dealing with clients worldwide, Ehrlich works with issues such as spraying, inappropriate soiling, aggression, introducing new pets--and babies--to resident cats, scratching, you name it.

Ehrlich’s had more than 27 years’ experience working with cats and their behavior. She spent over 20 years as clinical assistant and behavior adviser at the RSPCA in North London. Ehrlich set up Cattitude Feline Behavior in Phoenix several years ago, and is the only feline behaviorist in AZ with so many years’ experience, specifically, in feline behavior.

She is presently owned by three of her own kittens, all rescues, from Grace, an apricot Oriental brought back from England, Bouvier (she looks like Jackie Kennedy), a formerly-feral calico, and Lottie, a tortie sorta-Oriental. She also lovingly attends to two strays, macho Benny and stunning tuxedo Frankie.

For more information on her background and services, her website is you can also find her business Facebook page under Cattitude Behavior.

Contact Jane at: 602-410-9236

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